I pushed a man down last night

I'm catching the vibration

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  1. It's a little expensive, but I solved this issue by getting lasik. Best decision I ever made.

  2. My kids are 10 and 12 now, my son at 3 years old called crystal light packets "water kinds." We still call it that today.

  3. Before I went on a church retreat when I was about 14, we had to attend a meeting to go over rules and everything. At one point, they split up guys and girls. The guys got a talk about how they have to carry our bags and basically just treat us like damsels in distress, while us girls were lectured about covering up ("dressing modestly") and how our bodies are temples and whatnot.

  4. When I offered to change my student loan out of his name, my dad got mad at me and told me I never finish anything I start. Even though I was the one who graduated from college and he dropped out and worked in a factory for 30 years. Anytime I consider quitting something or I see something isn't working out his words haunt me.

  5. I moved my mom in, we all work different schedules so there is always someone home. It can suck because SO works on my days off and I work on his. But it's worth it because childcare costs too much. We just make sure to plan a few special evenings together a month as well as use PTO to spend time together for vacations and other special events.

  6. I've been a daycare teacher for several years now. A dramatic play area is required in all classrooms because it is so important for a child's development. That doesn't necessarily mean your child needs a play kitchen. Moreso a space where they can play and make-believe/ imitate what adults are doing. Dress up clothes and a mirror and a few tables are enough. You can allow your child to use real items from around the house that you feel comfortable sharing (bowls, plates, cups, old remotes, old cell phone, pots and pans, etc). A little doctor kit is usually a big hit too. So if you don't have space for a kitchen, don't worry, there are other ways to provide a place for dramatic play that takes up less space!

  7. Everytime I've had someone grope me I have froze. I fucking hate it and want to react like this instead. Is there a way I can train my brain to fight instead of freeze?

  8. I’ve frozen in literally every other instance where this sort of thing has happened. I don’t know what came over me this time but the fact that he felt so sure of himself that he actually rubbed my butt enraged me. It showed he felt entitled to my body and that he thought he would get away with it. And probably already has.

  9. I'm proud of you. Seriously, good job. You are my hero. If it ever happens to me again I hope I have the nerve to do the same thing. 👊

  10. One of my children is non-binary and my mother (65) has a really hard time with they/them (it IS a difficult pronoun set to get used to since it doesn't come naturally), but she's trying. She doesn't necessarily agree with "making people change the way they speak" but she loves my child and wants to support them so she tries anyway.

  11. Tell her not to think of them as a human, but as an entire swarm of sentient bees. Noone misgenders a swarm.

  12. Lol that's hilarious because it goes with their nickname perfectly.

  13. This is basically what happened in Senior Year on Netflix. 90s girl who was popular and kind of bitchy goes into a coma her senior year and wakes up 20 years later in present day. It's a funny movie.

  14. I ate half an edible yesterday and spaced on this after getting a hold of Adobe Suite so I can scribble these out faster. I'm 100% sure I'm forgetting something. Also maybe too small is the broken back kia window and headlight and the bk text

  15. This sign I drive past everyday. The uhaul has been there at least 5 years.

  16. It's not something you dip things into, you just eat it with a spoon. However, I discovered that cinnamon graham crackers taste very good dipped in apple sauce. Almost like apple pie.

  17. My son is very allergic to cats and shedding dogs and we looked for a "hypoallergenic" dog to adopt but there weren't any that were available. So we found a reputable breeder and bought our dogs.

  18. I went through a lot during my divorce and I know I vented on guys I was dating like this several times. For me, it meant I wasn't ready to move on. Once I quit trying to date for a while and worked on this stuff it got better.

  19. If a new Sheetz opened in the area they could have gas cheaper for their grand opening, with stations in the area matching the price.

  20. This is it. It's sheetz. I just drove across three states this weekend and no where else has prices as low as sheetz right now.

  21. Dinner won’t vanish though, and online games are usually pretty quick, so why not just delay dinner for a little?

  22. Also an option. As long as you're not gonna cause everyone to eat cold food?

  23. Some of the comments here are really bizarre. A good parent teaches them responsibility and time management and not yelling and crying when they have to do something. For many families, dinner is the only time you’re all together. My family had so many sports and activities and my dad travelled, we really valued the 30 minutes we all got to sit down together. And my mom would tell us when dinner would be ready, we learned to not start a new book 10 minutes before or do anything that would be frustrating to have to immediately end when the time came. I’m very grateful for that!! I’m sad for families that don’t care whether or not you sit down to eat together and would allow their kids to just keep playing video games through dinner.

  24. Yeah, you're right. It's weird. I understand stopping something you're in the middle of can be frustrating but the world also doesn't revolve around you, sometimes we have to think about spending time with those who are important to us.

  25. A friend of mine is a doctor and when he told me about people he met in school he asked me,

  26. Both my kids have had phones since they were 8-9. I know it's not popular opinion, but hear me out.

  27. I had the same experience at cedar point as a senior in high school too. I havent been back there since and that was almost 20 years ago now. Going on a roller coaster is one of my goals once I lose weight too. I'm glad you got to go and ride the rides!

  28. Your weight can fluctuate up or down 5 lbs on any day. I doubt you actually gained two pounds. That could be water weight, food, etc. You do not need to worry.

  29. My mom and I decided to move in together to share expenses about 5 years ago. It's not easy. We got into several fights about politics and religion because she has a need to put it into every conversation. About three years ago I told her I will no longer engage in those discussions because we do not agree and there is no point talking to each other about it. It's been better. We also moved into a house where she has the entire basement which is finished and had windows (split level style house). She had her own living space, bathroom, and bedroom. We mostly just stay out of each others way and have small visits a few times a week.

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