San Francisco votes to approve robots to use deadly force

*Lowers face into palm*

Did somebody say 'Murica?

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  1. If Tyler saw this post he’d be embarrassed as hell bruh y’all are so fast to shut down somebody who’s tryna experiment with their creativity, it’s a cool concept ofc the flower boy artwork got stale as hell after it blew up but y’all have no filter man

  2. I’ll believe him solely because of his rad sunglasses and cig. Whatever he’s doin at least he’s having fun lmao

  3. Can someone dox the mom and send this picture to their child when they’re older

  4. Woolly bears freeze quite safely and reconstitute themselves in spring - just leave it be.

  5. i am trying yeah, i set up a 0.75gal “critter keeper” container with brackish water, but to avoid death from shock, for the night (im about to sleep) she’s in a cup with half water she’s used to and half water from the brackish container. when i wake up i’ll make the ratio of brackish water a bit bigger, and keep doing that slowly through the day til i finally put her in the container in the evening

  6. What a warm welcome to the sex worker community can’t wait to get railed

  7. This sub is heavily leaning to pro female or trans female providers. Most of the male providers get downvoted or rude responses.

  8. Thank you. Know any communities that don’t discriminate?

  9. Bro I thought you had an actual fuxking lynx climbing around your equipment like an exotic pet

  10. That’s not the point. They’re in distress and asking for help. They really care for this animal, and that’s obviously playing a factor in how they’re responding. OP doesn’t need people feeding into their stress, they need people helping them get out of it. And not just with good advice, but with reassurance or at least an acknowledgement of their emotional state

  11. You don’t have to be shit talking someone to make them feel stressed. The comments are super honest and OP probably feels vulnerable and scared, that’s why they’re getting defensive. Some people respond to unfiltered honestly differently, obviously it’s good advice but the delivery is my issue. I think OP cares about reptiles and the hobby but just needs some pointers, responses like this are what scares people out of the hobby. And I understand putting your own standards over other peoples, but some people could at least TRY to come across as helpful and not pretentious

  12. As a linguist who has had language-centric DMT experiences, I am really happy to hear you remember what some of the words were. How much can you remember?

  13. Not from DMT, but I’ve heard the word “exelgeetgeet” or “exkelgeetgeet” a couple times

  14. If yu can fill around 5 gallons you could do a shallow aquarium with shrimp, or maybe even a pair of ADFs or a betta

  15. Yes. I used to love skippy, then I tried some random organic brand. Now I can’t stand skippy it’s like sweetened peanut jello

  16. On my first trip I realized that I miss a lot of social cues that other people pick up on. For a while I thought acid had given me ‘telepathy’ like access to the collective human mind or something. I even thought I could tell who has and who hasn’t tripped based on how expressive and confidently they talked. But eventually I realized that tripping simply introduced me to new forms of communicating I’d been missing out on for my entire life, like body language, and how your tone and mood affect the way people perceive you.

  17. Y’all want to label this man so bad

  18. I store my weed in used medication bottles with the twist off caps, they should just stick with that design they can hold an eighth more or less

  19. I am healing. I am not nearly as bad as I think I am, and whatever bad there is only exists because I let it

  20. i’m proud of you, accountability is key but don’t beat yourself up for something you didn’t know any better being alive is a never ending learning experience

  21. Y’all should start suggesting / making the content you’d want to see here cus posts like this aren’t gonna change anything

  22. How to get around gun protests: use murder robots instead

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