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  1. “Be greedy when others are fearful” - Mr Buffet

  2. I scream this at my grandma in the mornings while she is eating her breakfast

  3. They would rather have it hidden so the UI is crossplatform compatible without having to just hide it if the platform is anything else except PC.

  4. Do you have any updates on large swaps for gme or bbby? You were spot on in July with those large swaps that were placed/changed and the corresponding run into august

  5. Hahaha I bought some used clubs and some of them have a bit of wear on the face. I'm worried someone's gonna see that and assume I'm good. That'll quickly be debunked after a few holes.

  6. I took 5 practice exams and my highest score was low 70s. I passed yesterday and so can you!! Dean's videos helped me so much and I wouldn't have passed without them.

  7. You felt the kaplan exams were harder than the actual exam, OP? I take my exam friday

  8. How did you retake the mastery exam?

  9. Passperfect has it set for two attempts per mastery exam but both exams are separate attempts

  10. Whoops. Didn’t see you had passperfect. I’ve got kaplan my b

  11. Once you slow down and read the test questions on the real thing it’s easier. The verbage is different

  12. Different verbiage but slightly easier. Got it. Which style kaplan exam was the most similar?

  13. Going into the qbank and clicking “simulate exam” where it pulls a random 100 questions is what I would do. It seemed relatively similar.

  14. Looks like the Dino indicator is bearish

  15. I did but my teacher in school gave me a weird way of interpreting it. I did reasesrch about some deal with chevron but idk now. I’m gonna sell it as soon as I can

  16. Buy fedex call options at open lol

  17. I hear ya. It has made me hate sleeping and hate mornings because I wake up so confused. The mind is an interesting place. 1 week NC

  18. I think the main thing being missed right now is the fact that Kirkland & Ellis entered the picture mid august - and who knows what they may have discovered

  19. They would have assisted with the strategic initiative. They likely did some consulting in what it would take to remain solvent (close stores and layoffs)

  20. Wait till the holiday season I mean

  21. Not sure what you’re hinting at OP. This is a stock price reflecting the valuation of a much more profitable company during that period.

  22. Yeahhhhh nobody here believes that’s what you meant. Way to make this weird.

  23. More people being mean…it was a mistake….

  24. This is super insensitive. Reddit is supposed to be a safe space. Mods please ban him for bullying and verbal abuse

  25. Yes. Go into the field and find the sign

  26. Seconding the woodford double Oaked. It tastes like liquid s’mores. Another good one is McKenna BiB

  27. “This article is brought to you by Ripple Labs!”

  28. Funny. My grandma gave me a stack of the 20% of coupons a couple weekends ago. She said they can be used even if they’re expired.

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