1. I feel like nugs just makes the most sense though cause he already has a relationship with them with those two Montana shows and all the dead and company stuff. But even if it’s not nugs it would be great to have all the shows archives to listen to.

  2. Yeah the audio is, some of the shows have video too. If not all of them probably a good 80% of them. But they have all of the last couple tours for sure.

  3. fascinating! I'm in the john mayer only lane but I really enjoyed the Montana show on Nugs and bought the audio (so I could have the acoustic version of my wedding song 4ever hehe) but i hope he brings Nugs on the road for the solo show !!!

  4. You guys get your Boston tickets yet? I been in the waiting room since 8:50. Got to my turn to buy tickets. Clicked on two on the floor for $199. Page has just been loading ever since.

  5. I JUST got Boston tickets after clicking for 15-20 minutes on anything that came up, snagged 2 upper bowl tickets

  6. Would be great if folks can post prices they're seeing so we can get some calibration/understanding (i'm looking at MSG/NYC) - will post if and when i close a purchase.

  7. Lower bowl for NJ was $150/ea pre fees, more like $200 all said and done.

  8. the actual floor sections at MSG are letters so idk if it qualified as floor technically, we were on an inclined section directly opposite the stage, right next to the sound mixers. we had a great head on view. maybe they qualify as floor since i think the entire section can be moved out if there is a full GA stage layout.

  9. ohhhh i see. its great to know those are inclined, i was actually wondering that! and good to know that the view is good from there. thanks!

  10. my goal for any concert is usually as close as possible row wise on the level just up from the floor for a great unobstructed view!

  11. Have you been to the amphitheater for a concert? Genuinely asking as I haven’t been over there yet. I had no idea they’d converted the baseball stadium into a (mostly) covered venue!

  12. I saw Jason Mraz there last summer! It was a cute small fun venue!

  13. I was just thinking today I should post if anyone had insight on a place/club/etc that had spanish conversational lessons!

  14. and I've been looking at the schedule to go to Hudson Table down in harbor point for a cooking class. It looks a little pricey but I guess I didn't imagine it being cheap

  15. it's such a large space!! if there wasn't already a B&N at the mall i could see one fitting in there

  16. I just copied this and started inputting my own expenses for this month!

  17. This is what we noticed too... any opinion why that is? From where I am coming from the bigger towns have usually better schools as they have more choices for teachers.

  18. From reading FB mom groups it seems like the vibe is that if you as a parent are attentive and what not kids can do really well in SPS (even not in a magnet school). A lot of "dont let the scores fool you" because of how diverse Stamford is a lot of non english speakers taking the same tests bring down the scores

  19. A few years ago we went to Bedford Hall - we had enough friends come to Stamford we got a table and we had a good time although kept to our nice little group but enjoyed the food/open bar!

  20. I was just a few blocks from that it was so wild and we had this little front not so much balcony but roof we could climb out on to and it was just so bizarre

  21. perfect saturday stream on the TV while i clean - thank you!

  22. OMG i've seen one in Stamford with so and so miles to Fairfield and it's like near the most random Blockbuster sign and i always chuckle when i pass it because the headstone like mile marker + blockbuster combo is just so bizarre to me!

  23. I'm glad I'm not the only JM/Taylor fan - I have them headlining different nights 😂

  24. Did anyone else also find this year's graphics and format for Spotify Wrapped underwhelming compared to last year's?

  25. i can at least read the genres this year! last years type for them was super weird IMO if the genre had a long name and low on the list it was squished so much!

  26. I love seeing Spotify wrappeds but I wish there was a pinned post for everyone to consolidate their postings instead of individual posts

  27. Taylor Swift, Charlie Puth, Bastille, and OneRepublic!

  28. Born & Raised was my start the car/driving music for the longest time this year so I look forward to seeing my damage when Spotify wrapped comes out!

  29. I did not know they carried this!!

  30. same! i came here to see if it was new but I think maybe they just don't have it in CT/NY?

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