The Infinity Saga (Final Update)

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The Infinity Saga (50 Hour Fan-Edit) (Final Update)

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  1. Chik-Fil-A isnt Kanye’s favourite resturant, McDonald’s is

  2. Came here to say this too..he wrote a whole poem about McDonald’s

  3. That could help explain one of the reasons why Hank Pym was always so secretive with the Pym particles..Cap stole a couple vials but Hank thought it was somebody close to him trying to replicate the formula

  4. This is the funniest thing, totally got me I thought it was another lost post

  5. I told my brother about this. He's a doctor in an E.R. He commented on it to a bunch of colleagues and they begged for him to call me and get them a link to watch it.

  6. Wow thank you so much, I really love thorough comments like this lol I’m just really glad you’re enjoying the cut and the experience. I totally agree with a bunch of your points! I really love the beginning too, all the tragic backstories being set up haha I do particularly like the poetry behind Peter quill and gamora being taken from their families at pretty much the same time. I’m really glad you also found that smash cut to the shwarma scene comedic, it always cracked me up too. It’s not perfect but somehow it works?

  7. I actually totally agree with you on the misplacement of the grandmaster/Darryl scene, I always had trouble finding a place for it. I actually took your advice and really like that placement, I agree with the notion we don’t know how long they were floating in space so I totally think it works. I’ll be using that for my new update.

  8. That one redditor that did all of Phase 1-2-3 in a 50 hour edit with every scene he could realistically add. Look up the infinity saga by bryon (IIRC)

  9. Hey that was me! Yeah my cut has almost every deleted scene I could find. I meticulously went through all my blu rays and catalogued all the deleted scenes, including the phase 1 and 2 and infinity saga box sets. Even have a version coming out with Hawkeye deleted scenes. The only scenes that didn’t make it in had distractingly bad vfx or it just didn’t have a place in the story.

  10. It has to be in order to match the directors cut that was released this year. Otherwise it’d change aspect ratios in between scenes.

  11. As a viewer I’m okay with the aspect ratio changing throughout, but I totally get if that doesn’t match your vision.

  12. If anyone is interested I cut this altogether in a 9 part series just over 50 hours and about 100gb in size..look at

  13. Amazing job, do you think you will ever release a subtitle track file per each part?

  14. I’ve been racking my brain on how to do that will all the extra material included...I’ve been super busy at work so haven’t really had time to dive into it. It is on my list of things to do but no guarantees

  15. In my opinion the robot should be cut out, it was such a dumb thing

  16. “Happy Birthday Paulie” is iconic!! I couldn’t believe it was cut!

  17. Thanks for posting! Never had the chance to get one of these in the past, will definitely help with my Avengers HQ!

  18. Check out built_bricks on Instagram. He has an amazing compound that I’m loosely basing mine off of.

  19. Oh wow, thank you so so much. I’m really happy you enjoyed it. All I wanted going in was to make a fresh and exciting experience for everyone who loves these movies as much I as I do. It’s really a testament to Marvel’s ability to tell the interwoven stories over so many years.

  20. Thanks for posting!! I grabbed a couple, been wanting them for a while I’m just starting my Avengers HQ

  21. Another editor who has used deleted scenes in his Infinity Saga cut is

  22. I have a doc listing out deleted scenes for all films from Iron Man to Endgame. It has the blu ray scenes, phase 1+2 bonus disc, and the infinity saga scenes.

  23. Can someone tell me how this works with the time travel scenes in endgame? Are they interlaced with the normal timeline or are they still cut in during the endgame section?

  24. So for the timeline stuff in endgame...anything that didn’t involve or show the ‘endgame avengers’ was moved to the year it took place, for example the post-NY battle scenes in stark tower where they’re getting in the elevator is put into Avengers 1 at the end.

  25. How does this one compare to The Sacred Timeline Cut that also came out with its final version recently?

  26. That goes beyond The Infinity Saga, it includes the full D+ shows which doesn’t really fit in my opinion. It’s no longer the infinity saga. I just stopped at endgame. Also I don’t think that has any extra content

  27. Do you have a formal cutlist for this project in your possession?

  28. It’s not a formal cut list, and it is not updated with the D+ shows or any new stuff, but

  29. This sounds really promising. I hope this won't seem rude of me to ask, but how would you rank your editing skills? :)

  30. I’m a pretty competent editor. I know what I’m doing in premiere and I’m proud of some of the editing tricks I pulled off in the edit.

  31. That is fantastic. Probably the best display for the Falcon I’ve seen

  32. Really excited you finished all of them! I’ve had 5 downloaded definitely need to grab the last 2

  33. That’s a really fun theory, totally makes sense to me!

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