1. I dont call myself his dad but I do enjoy seeing his name and my surname on the Vet documents lol.

  2. I called my first cat as an adult Mister so all the booster appointment reminders come through the post addressed to Mister Surname. Which I find hilarious.

  3. Yep! Mine got dropped at a vets with a damaged hind leg which had to be amputated. No idea what happened to him. Seemed appropriate to name him after Mister from the Dresden Files.

  4. I got Karma Chameleon by Culture Club.

  5. My sister moved out of my house middle of last year so her old room is now my “library”. Comfy love seat, an ottoman full of blankets and three full bookcases in there. Its nice having my books out of storage again. And the cats are enjoying hiding in the ottoman full of blankets.

  6. Dig up the beach in winter. Easy way to find lots of yams and winter roots. Which can then be turned into winter seeds to plant and the “forageables” that grow sell for more money.

  7. Awww the little goober is bunting him. He loves pup and is scent marking him as his family.

  8. I think it’s worth considering two things. A sizable chunk of the population would simply not believe it’s happening at all until it were too late. And, it would be very hard for the average person to kill infected people they once knew/loved. That’s how they get ya.

  9. I’m currently reading World War Z and its just got to the part where some people have convinced themselves that they are zombies when they arent. That to take into account as well.

  10. It was the first litter I used with her, she used it fine as a young kitten and then at about 4-5 months or so she rebelled and refused to step foot back in it my cat is very very picky about her litter box

  11. I have three. One will only use the wood pellets, one likes the cardboard pellets (and the shower if the boxes arent too his liking) and the third doesnt care as long as the box smells alright. Cats are weird.

  12. I love Depeche Mode so much (I’m an old gal and they’ve been one of my faves since I was a teen), and it was so cool to see this one picked as the needle drop for this first episode.

  13. My black cat is super chill, you can do anything to him. He’s super good at the vet, he doesn’t squirm when I do his nails, his favorite way to be held is in my arms like a baby. I never owned a cat who was this relaxed all the time.

  14. My old black cat was the same. Used to tote him about in a baby sling cause he loved cuddles so much.

  15. Honestly, I`m too lazy to try to transcibe it to check if it is a cypher.

  16. Part of me wants too but quite a large part of me thinks its an Alex prank and says something about the Green Stone.

  17. Wait how do you do make it a photo? I need to do this help

  18. If you have an iphone/watch combo… Go on your photos, press the little up arrow in a square on the bottom (like you do to share the photo in a text), scroll up and theres a creat watch face option. You can change the location of the time, and add all sorts of gubbins to it.

  19. The second one says"On Program" from Andor, I think.

  20. Correct. One says Mandalorian. The other ‘On Program’ from Andor.

  21. As a stardew valley player, this is what I imagine instead of Sebastian 😅

  22. Now i’m abandoning Leah and marrying Seb! Darn it.

  23. Yep. Three cats and a one bed house by myself on 23k. Its super fun. One cat is helping by catching mice for his tea. Its so much fun. /s

  24. Aliens, True Crime and Jesse episodes. I wish we got more Jesse episodes… I love the lighthouse one.

  25. I just finished watching and OH MY GOD! I am not a fan of video games or horror films or zombies but that was AMAZING. And not just because of Pedro, although he was incredible. I had to stop it after the first half hour to catch my breath before the rest of it (I’m sure you can figure out why). Gut wrenching but so, so GOOD.

  26. Welcome to the world that those of us who played the game got launched into. Sarah was the tutorial character, the one that you got put into to figure out how to move and interact with stuff. It completely blindsided me in the game. Seeing it again in TV format…amazing.

  27. Can I just say at one point Joel turns to the side and I went ooooooooooo

  28. When he came out of the rain into the corridor. Helloooo handsome.

  29. I had one on my fridge with my old cat Harry. The little bugger discovered that if he lay on his back and stuck his front paws under the corner, he could pull it open. I came home to him and his brother in a cheese and butter coma one afternoon.

  30. How long have you been waiting for that punne Nobby??

  31. Scan and go. Scan one item, put in two or three. If you get flagged for a check colleagues never check multiple of the same item. Most scan and go's won't trigger for a check under 10 items.

  32. Smart shop in sainsburys. You scan and pack on your way round the shop and its everso easy for little thing to ‘accidentally’ slip under the £1 bag of spuds and to ‘accidently’ not scan them. Then claim forgetfulness if you do get picked on random search.

  33. Wheres the option that says ‘No! I pay for that with my National Insurance out my wages? What the fuck have you been spaffing it on?’

  34. Listening to gossip will not affect whether people gossip about you. There’s no downside to listening and a lot of potential upside

  35. This. And when you get bored enough, tell the queen if gossip something made up to see how far round the grapevine it gets.

  36. I did too. I really liked the ep where they all got stuck in Harrys office/flat. It made Morgan seem like less of a stuck up arrogant enforcer and gave him some humanity. Which we eventually got from the books but not for some time.

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