1. You think a 17 year old is allowed to go down the street without a friend?

  2. Idk if it's just my skin but I shave in the shower without any cream or anything and it goes fine for me.

  3. Bc I been like this for 6 years now and the length I've gone to be fem are beyond a phase levels of stuff

  4. Anyone else hate their nipples showing as a young child and have literally everyone go "OH YOUR A MAN YOUR MEANT TO ENJOY BEING SHIRTLESS AND SWEATY" while you do there like " What? But why do shirts exist if I'm meant to enjoy it"

  5. This guy wants 500g of meat and he's gonna make sure he gets 500g of meat Respect

  6. OH I had one of those laptops yeah The cpu can be removed it's still got pins

  7. The internet doesn't always reflect reality. I don't know where you live but most people on the street here don't actually care about other people's bodies, while the internet would have you believe everyone you meet is ready to die on their chosen hill about it.

  8. I live in a place where buying hormones and transition surgeries are illegal, so...

  9. I have a fem cult originally it was a femboy cult bc I was a femboy then I came out...

  10. People really fully transition feel the best they've ever felt in their life and some how go "BUT WHAT IF ITS A LIE!?!??" Like at that point even if it is it works it makes you happy who cares don't worry be happy

  11. The oblivious dad would be like "AH I SEE YOU FINALLY GOT A JOB"

  12. pisst I think you might have a boyfriend not a girlfriend. Maybe just stick with "significant other" while they figure it out.

  13. gonna stick with 'girlfriend' until they tell me otherwise bc they refer to themself as a girl rn

  14. I mean we like flirted and talked non stop "as a joke" before i came out then i came out and a bit later on we both started questioning if we actually where joking turns out we both liked each other but didn't want to admit it incase it actually was a joke

  15. I have a girlfriend and can confirm true love is fucking amazing I got good night kisses for being the one cute

  16. Walk in Go to undies buy one and leave Men don't topically be picky they just grab what works it's chill but not my style personally

  17. Me at age 15: when will I meet a girl exactly like me? Me at age 27: I am a girl exactly like me 😊

  18. Me at 27 (hopefully):dude what a looser that guy I used to be I can't believe it dude Boy/girlfriend:yeah

  19. Since Blåhaj is swedish, can I propose that this beautiful creature is called Jättehaj or maybe Bjässehaj?

  20. Here's where I'd complain about skirt pockets

  21. Locker rooms suck, how do people feel comfortable changing in full view of anyone? 💙💕🤍💕💙

  22. I can't PEE without someone coming in and I'm not even out Bro someone threw toast with shit on it over once it was gross

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