1. Looks ridiculously tasty, but the Grilled Cheese Police will be here soon enough to to take the title to your car and your iPad.

  2. Not at all. It's a very iconic image. You should be able to hang it anywhere you like. It's certainly not like a velvet painting of Elvis.

  3. Battery life improved for me after a week or so. I charge mine every morning when I get up for about an hour, and I'm getting through 24 hours no problem.

  4. That's the way mine is set up a dcim getting about 30 hours give or take.

  5. I thought you were trolling and I felt stupid clicking away...but it worked on the 10th click or so.

  6. I'm allergic to pet dander and I have a large cat and a dog with hair instead with fur. It takes a little time but your body gets over some of it.

  7. That's a really nice set up! Congrats on making it your own.

  8. No one knows about that day or hour, not even the beta testers, nor the Users, but only Google.

  9. Not technically, but Google is largely consistent with this.

  10. Maybe ask the landlord to relocate the plug lower if they won't let you mount the TV on the wall...they can't have it both ways, lol. Otherwise, raise it on the stand a little. You are close to covering the plugs.

  11. It's not messy...it's a little lived in which is expected but hardly messy. I kind of like it the way it is. It's a pleasant space. You have a large dog, I assume by the big crate. What kind? Overall I think you have it done pretty nicely.

  12. Although the Pixel Watch isn't currently enabled, the vast majority of Wear OS watches since the beginning have a night dock mode that can be enabled which enables the watch to function as a night time clock when the charging stand is set up on it's side. Super handy. I think that Google will enable this functionality in a software update at some point.

  13. I kinda like the facial hair. You have a really handsome face.

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