1. The recruiter said something along the lines of "they didn't like your personality".

  2. I don’t think they liked my personality either . They said they wanted more like my written application. I was informal in the interview as no one actually talks like they write in a letter. Plus I assumed they read the letter, so therefore knew from the letter my skills. But the questions they asked were vague and didn’t ask specifically about anything in my letter.

  3. The group I applied for was described as a "quiet group" on glass-door. They had a corporate lack of warmth in general. I'm more of an extrovert, who prefers some warmth in my environment, so I think its all for the best.

  4. It's partially that I struggle to manage my time because it's likely I have ADHD. I do have a demanding job on a design team that requires long hours, and hours of uninterrupted focus.

  5. I have a feeling that even if we were on time to the airport, we may still be not 100% because I think there's a conflict beneath the surface over our sex life. His reaction seems overblown, (even for him) for this just to be about being late.

  6. Also I'm considering taking an even higher pressure role at a start-up to reduce my ability to travel. Which seems a bit unhealthy? Like I think it would be easier to use "work" as a shield instead of explaining that I can't travel that much.

  7. Unfortunately the Mk2i would be too big for my wrist for everyday watch use. The Mk2s is already slightly bigger than what I am used to (I used the VA4S previously and that was the perfect size for my wrist at 40mm).

  8. I also have a Teric as my main diving computer with air integration. I'm going to use the Mk2s as a backup, and to get a more complete picture of my health while diving. The Mk2s is replacing my Garmin 5s that I lost over the summer, which I used for swim workouts and GPS while hiking/kayaking.

  9. Paul Dano, John Turturro, Donald Sutherland (never even nominated which is disturbing). Dano might get one one day but he’s on that list atm.

  10. Paul Dano's performance as Pierre in the BBC adaptation of war and peace is worth watching. Made me cry ugly tears :)

  11. Can you post a link for the octopus notebook? I'm in an octopus phase and I want one.

  12. I don’t have advice for you but it’s interesting to me that an introverted person prefers in person therapy. I consider myself introverted and I like virtual interactions better in a lot of cases. The pandemic made me realize how much I liked it.

  13. We saw a therapist in person a while ago, and he was fine with that. He feels that he can better build rapport with the therapist in person instead of on video chat. He also works fully remotely so he has a desire to have this interaction be in-person.

  14. The EAP is trying to get me assigned to case manager. I'm going to keep calling them until they do that.

  15. I had a bad day today. I took an engineering interview and it wasn't great. I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to cuddle and he got super quiet. He later explained he wanted to have sex or go to bed separately, but he didn't have enough energy/ interest in cuddling me. Also, he is very against verbally saying he is interested in sex to me because he believes that women don't like that and want to be "tricked" into sex. It's been a stupid day.

  16. I'm moving to the Davis area in June and I'm super bummed about Caramel. I will visit their Salem location during day trips.

  17. Noise pollution?! That’s a little dramatic. There are plenty of us in this neighborhood that enjoy the bells and have no issue thinking, working, studying, or resting. Luckily for us, it seems whiners like OP and yourself are in the minority around here.

  18. Why does the Boston Public Library have a designated quiet study area? To allow students to get into the flow state and focus on their studies. Some students / young professionals are more impacted by noise when trying to reach the flow state then others.

  19. Also they've done tons of studies that reaching the "flow state" makes people happy in general. If you live in an apartment shouldn't you be able to read, practice piano, listen to music, etc. and not have that interrupted by bells every 15 minutes? These are quality leisure activities that enrich one's life. The apartment closest to the church offers less than those farther away, and for what reason?

  20. I just stayed at the red sleigh inn in Lincoln and skiied loon yesterday and I really enjoyed the homemade breakfast. The decor and vibe of the bed and breakfast is nice too. We ate at the Gypsy Cafe,Lincoln for dinner the night before, and that was also excellent.

  21. Neuralink in Fremont, California is looking for Electrical Engineers and interns. I wouldn't get your hopes up since these positions are uber competitive, and I've had electrical engineer friends apply for them and not get them. However, none of them have tried to get the internship.

  22. Plus since I’m from AUS, they’d have to sponsor me. So my worst case (and most likely) plan is to try and upskill as much as I can in the next year, then do a PHD in the states and try to get into an R&D role afterwards. Thanks for the suggestion btw :)

  23. My friend didn't hear back from them either, which I think is a tad rude and unprofessional, but whatever, okay. It's also his dream to work there.

  24. You know what, I am going to give it a go and will report back. Its the waiting and time wasting I can't deal with so if you can interrogate someone in real time.. perfect 😭😂

  25. Each session they give you 3 people, and 3 minutes with each of them. I personally wish they would do 7 to 8 minutes. It always feels rushed to me.

  26. Thanks for all the detail - really kind of you. To be honest I'm mostly done with online dating as lockdown comes to an end but the last year it's been impossible with covid of course! But one last try, ey....

  27. The speed dating event I found on eventbrite was not well run. I am going to stick to the "league live" for a while.

  28. I misread and thought it was strategy, but did you tell him you were bothered by his lack of compliments, and he said he would do that if you asked more like the other woman?

  29. Yeah, I told I have an unmet need and that is the lack of compliments and affection. He said I was special at the end of May/early June, without me prompting him. It seems like the occurrence of his natural ability to give me compliments and affection is a lot lower than my needs.

  30. This is the experience of feasting on scraps. No one is a monster all the time because they know you would leave otherwise.

  31. I feel at odds with myself often, because he has made his praise so valuable by making it so rare. I often sit and think to myself "why do I need his validation?". He told me I was special in early june, but didn't give me any reasons. It's frustrating that my self acceptance is being undermined by the low occurrence of his praise. I try to be positive about 1 thing a week I did well, usually its my workout on the weekend.

  32. Thanks for sharing where you're at too! It feels so good to recognize how much control you really do have. I wrote out a list of things I had immediate control over that would improve my life and it made me feel so empowered. It's good to hear you're facing yourself with an honest eye and recognizing your own weaknesses. It's hard when you have to face yourself in dark times and recognize what you're sacrificing your happiness to.

  33. I'm going to try the list of things I have control over exercise. I think it would help a lot. I've never thought of that before. I also should try to make a list of things I like about myself, even though that won't be easy. I have a lot of love for my partner. Today I was sitting around crying, and I thought wow "I love him so deeply", but I've always struggled to love myself.

  34. Fucking same. If you want to talk more about your journals or whatever, I'm happy to talk. Journaling isn't an excersize I'm great at yet either (also extrovert, much rather hash things out aloud). Just remember you're not alone in this boat!

  35. I've struggled as a byproduct of hashing things out aloud at other people a lot too. Many of my friends and family have given my partners biggest mistakes "re-runs" because I tried to verbally hash it all out, and they developed one sided opinions.

  36. Just one other thought, as I was having issues with whatever browser I tried. I reached out to their support, and they let me know, only one monitor can be connected to the computer, and it has to be connected via VGA (no HDMI support), in case you have multiple monitors or are using something other than a VGA cable to connect to your monitor.

  37. I connected to my samsung smart TV through an HDMI cable. I am pretty sure websites and web browsers do not "know" about your HDMI/VGA cables. I am concerned that they would tell you that over support. Only your operating system should "know" what your display settings are.

  38. Sorry to hear about your difficulties with your ISFP. We can be sensitive in taking constructive criticism because we can't always easily separate one aspect of ourselves from our entire image. ISFPs should be able to sort out what is valuable/invaluable to their Fi/Te using Ni, it can sometimes just be a matter of pausing our Se so that we don't act stupid for the present's sake. What you have to say is of value, perhaps he is misinterpreting it due to how you say it. It could be that your advice on paying you compliments is coming off to him in an Fe way and not a Te way, which would definitely make him draw back. We can be rather illogical when responding to Fe since we naturally don't want to objectify (extravert) our emotions. It might work better for you if you asked him his opinions on things first ("How do you think I look?" "Should I have worn the other earrings?") and then work off of that in a logical way instead of addressing your needs in a way that might come off as an emotional requirement (To which there is nothing wrong with, everyone has needs. Also, you may have already tried this, I don't know). You sound reasonable. It could be that he has not experienced as much criticism as you have and is dealing with it poorly because of it. Be aware that when negative we can make negative feeling judgements, determine ourselves to not reciprocate, withdraw and go silent. Pushed past this we may blow up in anger.

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