1. Everyone says Android. In your opinion, what is the best Android phone?

  2. I love Motorola's! I'm on number 6. Especially the g power (on the cheaper side) my last power went 3-4 days on one charge. The high end ones are great. Samsung a close second but comes with a TON of bloat. I used to be all in with apple, but they're spendy, clunky, and I'm not an old person (I can navigate tech 😂😂😂)

  3. That it does! Google Fi seems to be their main users (need triband phones for best for usage), esp in the project fi days. That's how I rediscovered Motos. Their "gestures", battery life, and price have turned me loyal. Tho the pixel is tempting...

  4. Oof yeap I get that! I've always wanted to feel one too and this measly 3.6 has definitely cured any desire to feel another haha

  5. Holy fuck, yes. I was the same way. Just had a 4+ last month, my first. Existential crisis ensued. The. Ground. Moved. For. No. Visible. Or. Audible. Reason. 😳

  6. Not ALL charter schools are evil. In my district it's an open lottery system, only favoring siblings. Is funded only 80% by the district and each have different appeals. One is arts. One is conservation. One is IB. One is early college prep. Open to EVERY KID IN THE DISTRICT. All community centric with volunteers hours the kids must do in the community. Small class sizes. They're even better than some of the private schools.

  7. It sounds like you have described magnet schools, which have commonly existed in large districts that have the tax base to support them.

  8. We use Childhood Health Associates of Salem. Docs are good and can usually get you in with your team pretty quickly for sick/hurt kids.

  9. Second for CHAOS. First of all, sweet acronym, but also they have enough staff to be able to squeeze kids in when needed. They really actually seem to give a crap there.

  10. When my kids were littles, like 10 years ago, we went to SPC just for Dr Baskin. After he retired, we were outta there. CHAOS v SPC was night and day!

  11. How did your situation pan out? I’m interested to know. Our school basically ended up not taking any real responsibility at all. Basically put it on me to provide a new physical from the Doctors office. And- if I didn’t my kid wouldn’t be able to participate in sports. Never acknowledged our concern for no accountability for loosing our kids medical and personal information.

  12. Oh, a total shit show. I ended up rallying other parents who are more pissed than I am, for good reason. I did a ton of research, gave them resources, and they're running with it 😆

  13. It's a state school. You. Would. Not. Believe. The bs that has transpired since then. That school, and the staff are a fucking joke. If I was a parent of a child boarded there...I'd be scared as fuck.

  14. Everyone in the car industry. I work at a tire shop and getting into winter we work on nearly 100 cars a day if not more. People come in with emergency flats and expect to get them done instantly, when there are 12 emergency flats already ahead of them. I understand you cant plan a flat tire, but expecting anything more then a fair first come first serve basis is ridiculous and unrealistic.

  15. Lol, I dropped mine off Friday. Said, I KNOW it's terrible timing, get it back to me by next weekend. Done in 4 hrs. Pays to be easy!

  16. Google Fi, all day. It runs on wifi, t mobile and us cellular.

  17. The Subaru CVT is actually pretty good… at least when compared to other CVTs.

  18. Except for the ones that were just recalled. Don't recall the window but my '20 outback XT had to get done. Reprogram if lucky, new one if not. Mine hadn't slipped yet!

  19. I actually came across someone about 3 weeks ago who called hazelnuts “filberts.” I specifically asked them about it and they said as far as they knew the two words were interchangeable.

  20. I live in a valley where they are farmed. Not an absolute, but after years of listening to locals, seems most call the NUTs and flavor hazelnut and the TREEs filbert trees. Old timers lean more "filbert" all around. All I know? Fuck filbert trees. PITA and worse than acorns.

  21. My first that i was awake for was a few years ago. This time i was just heading to bed and my bed shook. It wasn’t my cat licking herself this time. By the time i got out of bed it had stopped

  22. Oh good, it want just me. I haven't slept more than 3 hours in 2 days, so I wasn't sure...

  23. Same here! Was dead to the world, finally. Woke up pissed off cuz I thought someone was kicking my bed. Then I heard the house creaking. This is the first one I've been awake for, it was much less fun than I expected.

  24. I mean all you really need to spend money on is: pack, shelter, sleeping bag, air pad, clothes.

  25. Those thermarests are great! My guys swear by them. I, on the other hand am kinda a princess. Trial and error led me to klymit (spelling is probs wrong) it's an inflatable. Center is v shaped tubes with a rail type edge. My bones never hit the ground. It doesn't slip or "creak". Foods down to something like 4x6, and is light. And I've NEVER rolled off of it.

  26. Yeah it is "Klymit" and you're prob talking about the "Static V." The design helps keep one centered on the pad. They also make tac pads for military/tactical operations. Not my favorite but they're decently made for sure.

  27. That's the one! 2 years in and not a patch needed. I'll have my clothes, bag, and pad packed up before the others have their thermarest ("self inflating", my ass, lol.) deflated and rolled up to be stuck in the outside of their packs sticking out the sides and catching branches. Unless we're packing in the raft, not a bit of gear hangs off my pack.

  28. I would seriously avoid anywhere near the house on the corner of Glenwood and Lancaster. That frigging house...the cops raided it a few weeks ago and it's already back to it's former glory. Silver lining, the cops and sheriff are always around that part. The homeless guys moved on so the car break ins and yard theft have drastically dropped.

  29. Yeah, there's been what seems like a lot of gunshots 'round here lately. Tons of new tags too.

  30. I know this is a weird way to find friends but we don’t know anyone except a couple of people at work who’s names I’m not even sure of yet. I left my support system behind to blow up my life and move here

  31. I ended up here by closing eyes and pointing at a moving map. Been 16 years. You'll find your peeps!

  32. It was, but before we started going so I don't know a whole lot of details. I wouldn't say they swept it under the rug though, they still talk about it from time to time and what they are doing to prevent things like it again. I do have a few issues with the church, the Sr. Pastor does make things needless political from time to time, and he is very pro Israel, but the younger pastors even it out for me. I do like that they don't constantly ask for money, just a short give online, by txt or in a Dropbox screen after the message.

  33. They didn't ""not"sweep it under the rug" ONCE it came out and they got caught. They "swept it under the rug" BEFORE getting caught, knowing, ignoring, and HIDING the fact that it had and was STILL HAPPENING. "Talking" about it and it's prevention seems like a good method one might use to minimize the situation to new members who weren't there, or , ya know, actively participating in the "rug sweeping".

  34. I was there a few weeks ago. SO MANY health code violations. So. Many. Almost wish I would've stuck to the drive thru cuz it's so good. Inside... absolutely not.

  35. I guess you’re right. Whenever I cover up, nothing pops up… I will try my Banana Boat sunscreen tho, it provides UVA/UVB protection.

  36. I get this too. I swear by sunbum spf 70+. I've also noticed, if I start with 5 or so minutes of sunlight in spring, and very gradually increase time, it can help a lot with the amount and intensity of the flare ups thru summer.

  37. That’s interesting! May I ask if your sunscreen is a chemical or physical one?

  38. I told my daughter that…” that’s the anxiety monster telling you that”

  39. I call it my angry old man. I imagine him as a wizard-like grumpy old man who lives in the back of my head. When I start to get anxious, I tap my head there and tell him to STFU. By personification, it made me feel like I wasn't crazy. He is trying to "misery loves company" me and I ain't having that shit no mo'

  40. you fucking people forget that people have families and friends and people they live with an SOs..... you just think his dick is taking the pic or something?

  41. There was a hilarious post a few years ago about taking pics like this. He explained how he did it and showed an example. But how did he take THAT pic. Was a vicious cycle of "how?!?!" Worth a read but I'm too lazy to dig for it.

  42. I switched to Google Fi for service. They use T-Mobile, us cellular, and wifi. It uses whichever has the best service where you are. I love it! You have to buy the phones, but service is less than $60 depending on the service level. Comes with a Google VPN too.

  43. The margarita for two is more like a margarita for four!

  44. True! It's so frigging good that it's hard to NOT finish it too.

  45. I have diverticulitis. It's basically the same thing but can happen anywhere in your intestine. I fully agree with you. I current have a drain (hopefully) in a 3x5 cm abcess. It hurts like a motherfucker. On antibiotics.

  46. Caught mine just in time. Up by my liver. I've had 2 kids and pleurisy. The pain was about equal to both but hurt CONSTANTLY. No breaks. I'm so scared it'll happen again.

  47. I love all things sunbum! Not to heavy, and smells faintly of bananas. It's never made me breakout and holds up to hiking and backpacking in exposed areas. Come in lotion or spray, maybe even stick? That may just be their face stuff.

  48. No good recommendations. I wish I could remember his name, his office is in the back of the "mall" next to Panera on commercial. He's useless unless you want to know all about his published books, or his neurosurgeon kid, or his published author kid, or his jaguar. He did get my ex and I to bond over how awful and useless he was as a therapist, so there is that, lol.

  49. Pretty sure we had the same counselor because my husband and I had the same experience, including bonding over mutual annoyance. But we are still together so maybe the guy is onto something with this tactic.

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