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  2. Thanks so much for sharing your story, this is really nice to read. I'm going in or an induction tomorrow too and fingers crossed that it ends up as well as yours did!

  3. Good luck! May they enter the world screaming along with you 🫶🏻

  4. Thank you for sharing your story! I’m a ftm getting induced tomorrow morning, hope it goes positively as well. Love to see your happy ending and the bit about the “epidural man” is hilarious.

  5. Good luck tomorrow! Go in confidently, you can do anything for 90 seconds, and may your baby enter the world healthy.

  6. “Did your butt get wider last night?” And my personal favorite “why don’t you have a husband?”

  7. Well, during a conversation with my MIL, I disclosed that my breasts had started leaking already so I was pumping as suggested by my doula and midwife. She looked at me in horror, and I thought she was going to mention how it can induce labor and blah blah blah, but no. She looked at me and said “but your boobs are almost prepubescent! So small! I wouldn’t even think you could feed him in the first place, let alone pump so early!” ……. I was so taken aback I just stared at her. To be fair, my boobs are NOT huge by any means, and don’t necessarily exude the pregnancy grow and glow. But before pregnancy I was a triple A, and now I’m a C. So for me, it’s a big change. So yeah, weirdest thing: my tits.

  8. Woooow, I hope you have a good relationship with her and she was just trying to make some sort of weird joke 😅

  9. No, she actually dislikes Me a terrible amount. She was not making a weird joke, unfortunately. She was just commenting on my body in the most inappropriate way possible. SUPER on brand for her.

  10. I would absolutely demolish Ethan if I saw him in person. like in a sexual way.

  11. I hate to out myself but here I go: I have been so sick and tired this entire pregnancy that I have mostly survived off of sprite, ginger ale, ice cream (yes, whole pints MORE THAN ONCE), pizza, and microwave burritos. Very recently I have done some good and eaten a fuck ton of leafy greens in a short amount of time, a psychotic amount of carrots, plus trying to eat at least 70 grams of protein a day, but this is all recent. I am perfectly healthy with no GD, and my baby is a normal size and fetal weight for where I’m at. You will be OKAY, do not beat yourself up. Pregnancy is HARD.

  12. This actually made me feel terribly fucking ill and I feel like someone should make a Frankenstein animal out of liver king.

  13. Ugh, this happened to me. My midwife said it’s totally normal, just take 2 EXTRA STRENGTH tylenol (her advice), and drink a little bit of caffeine with it (also her advice). It really helped. They go away though, I promise!

  14. The paintings aren't even pictures anymore. The sculptures are just shapes mixed with body parts. It's just a waste of space unless the point is to degrade humanity and make us all shit. So...

  15. Only wash it every 2 weeks? I look like a grease ball on day 2 lol.

  16. My boyfriend has the same hair texture as ethan (I’m assuming based off look and not feel), and he washes his hair very occasionally with shampoo and mostly just conditioner washes! His hair NEVER looks greasy. For some people, their hair doesn’t retain oil, dirt, or smell as well as others. I am jealous that he only has to wash his hair with shampoo once every few weeks, but he has great hair.

  17. I see a bunch of really cure reveals recently where people will bring a little armoire/gift basket and decorate it with blue or pink items like clothes, blankets, toys, etc. if you google armoire gender reveal it should come up!

  18. I thought I was SOOO LUCKY because I didn’t get first trimester acne. My skin actually cleared up, it got brighter, less dull, and everyone was like “oh em gee you’re GLOWING”.

  19. So I am not a mom yet, BUT I am a sleep specialist and a former long time nanny so I do have some advice (none proven):

  20. Omg the phlegm is INSANE. i have never had this much in my life. After morning sickness I was so excited not to wake up and gag, but NOW every time I brush my teeth the phlegm cough makes me gag.

  21. Omg, I am 35 weeks and had a dream about birthing my baby, and how rewarding it was. It was also so beautiful. I’m happy he came to you in your dream, I’m excited to meet mine as well.

  22. I ate McDonald’s for lunch on purpose and not because it was the only thing open or I didn’t want to cook- fucked up a whole large fry to myself too.

  23. I will literally get a cheese burger, a 6 piece nugget, and a large fry. There is nothing better.

  24. You need better friends. Also, maybe reflect on why you feel the need for others’ approval of your life choices. Before you share so much personal info with people you know, ask yourself what you hope to gain from sharing, and if they’re a safe person to share with. Just food for thought from someone who’s been in and out of therapy for years.

  25. I have been in therapy for a long time. A lot of My friends are pregnant/trying so we talk about our birthing plans and after birth situations enough for me to feel safe sharing with them. Now I know better :)

  26. Everyone is talking about your friends but have you talked to your therapist about your negative body image around your nipples or asked your OB if there’s something going on? Do you let your partner see or touch them? Do you let your doctor give you breast exams?

  27. I don’t mind how my nipples LOOK, I just have hyper sensitive nipples. It’s not technically due to pregnancy (although that has definitely amped up the sensitivity), and it’s not breast cancer or anything else. They are just overly sensitive. I do get breast exams, and my partner does see and touch them when appropriate, but before him I didn’t let anyone touch them. See them, I don’t care. Touch them, absolutely not. It’s kind of strange, and I have brought it up to my therapist because she specializes in ED/BDD and trauma, and she thinks that it’s nothing more than hyper sensitivity.

  28. To be 100% honest, epidurals are such a deeply personal choice. I am not against or for them, if I need one I’ll get one. If I don’t, that’s great too. How are people going to tell you that you can’t manage pain? Or that an epidural would even help you specifically? If people said “good luck with that” to me, I’d say “all I need is better luck than you apparently”.

  29. I am not currently with the ultrasound photo, but at my most recent ultrasound to check his growth after I got covid, we got a photo of him peeing in his own mouth :)

  30. Omg congrats!! Made me tear up a little (im hormonal)

  31. I told my very best friend right away, even before I told my partner. We then didn’t tell anyone I was pregnant until 4 months in lol. It was SUPER hard especially with other friends and family members offering me drinks, or asking why I was too sick to go out :,). It was nice just having our own time to gather our thoughts and feelings before we were bombarded by peoples questions and opinions.

  32. Since becoming pregnant, I have gained an indescribable amount of cellulite and arm fat. I had these things before (to a way lesser degree), but it has made me super self conscious recently so dressing myself has been hard. Especially since it is still in the triple digits sometimes where I live, and likely by the time I have my baby it will still be at least in the 80s.

  33. I switched to the OLLY prenatal! They’re missing a fewwww vitamins that you might want/ need, but I’m just trying to get what I can lol I am SUPER bad at my prenatal. But the OLLY gummies have really helped because it’s two a day, so I can do one in the morning and one at night so I don’t get nauseous, and Its kind of like eating candy!

  34. I’m at the stage where I also have to poop so badly, but I refuse to push it out in fear of hemorrhoids. If it doesn’t come out like water, I guess I just don’t get to poop.

  35. You’re doing great Mom. She’s already visiting you in your dreams, and helping heal YOUR heart so you don’t go a day without feeling loved.

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