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AITA for telling my cousin this isn't a grief competition and she should understand that, after she went off at me?

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  1. I was similar as a teenager- didn't really like PJ at first, but once I turned like 16 they just hit me differently.

  2. I’m not huge on PJ but their fans are diehard.

  3. their 90's albums were all amazing (Ten,Vs,Vitolgy,No Code, Yield)

  4. All the replies in this are frankly hilarious.

  5. In utero is their best album in my opinion.

  6. For a min i honestly thought someone started blaring Kens music in the background

  7. It's all about equality till the cheque arrives or the wallet needs to come out.

  8. the problem with many modern feminists is that what they are looking for is not equality, it's privilege. They want all the benefits of being equal without any of the drawbacks. Like you expect a man to fully support you financially, this is an archetype that we should be moving on from, otherwise, is it fair then for a man to say he expects the woman to be the home carer and all the responsibility that comes with that? No, that's outdated, responsibility should be shared, just like financial support

  9. That's not true at all. Modern feminists aren't looking for privilege, they're looking for basic respect. You're taking the opinions of a few shitty women and applying it to the majority. In every single facet of life there are shitty, selfish people that want to game the system in their favor.

  10. If the hutners guildmate rogues and warriors are any decent people they will let hunters have bis ranged weapons first and if the hutner is decent, they will have the rogwarrs have bis melee weapons first

  11. As a rogue main I have always gone by this rule, envoy of mortality dropped the first week of Naxx and I passed on it for the hunter

  12. Yea like this is as much a fact of life as death and taxes

  13. I assume data wouldn't of been a candidate due ti the fact the federation wouldn't risk losing him and the technology that created him to the cardassians.

  14. Mayor of Kingstown and Marvel Universe and the Hurt locker. Just a few of his acting accomplishments. Get well soon!

  15. Now, should we initiate a recall? Take the number of vehicles in the field, A, multiply by the probable rate of failure, B, multiply by the average out-of-court settlement, C. A, times B, times C, equals X. If X is less than the cost of a recall….we don't do one

  16. Meh it’s way better than Warzone if we’re talking strictly br or new games, But I’m taking 2009 mw2 or bo3 over apex tbh (as a fan of both

  17. If you're speaking only about MP and not BR Titanfall 2 wins this round

  18. Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.

  19. I had something a little similar happen but not nearly as extreme. I'm in my final year of Mechanical engineering and as part of it we have a year-long design project. One of my classmates was having trouble and asked if i could send him what I had completed so far so he could review some calculations. When i saw his submission a few weeks later he had basically copied everything from my formatting, equations, and even the font and had just changed the figures to match his. It really bothered me as honestly, the presentation of the document took my as long as the calculations, I didn't say anything but I can understand how frustrating it is for someone to copy your work.

  20. imagine spending money on a PR company to come up with those lame comebacks that Tate did.

  21. "guys it's been like 9 hours now, I need to send something back to that snotty little know it all tree hugger"

  22. It has two of my favourite actors in it Jack Nicholson and Jack Nicholson

  23. YTA and by the sounds of it have narcissistic tendencies you should probably address

  24. There is a John Wick-style mod for it also thats brilliant. Can't remember the name but its well worth a look, its basically its own game using the Alyx engine.

  25. YTA - first off we are taking OP's side of the story where they are telling us she wasn't apologetic. We don't know for sure.

  26. How many out of the 7 that rolled here are just going to AH it

  27. You know that movie Leo did with Johnny Depp someone suggested why not pick Johnny because he had a warm heart in that film and that's Ultimately what Peter was a sad tortured kid with a warm heart you seen Johnny in the 21 jump Street series granted that's years back dude looks like Peter he's got a better build for Spiderman also 5'10 not too muscular but definitely a athlete like body. Costume fits went good for him also

  28. All I know about this guy is the internet hates him and he is apparently a huge piece of shit

  29. Take your time, explore everywhere. If u come to a place where enemies seem way overpowered go explore somewhere else and come back a bit more levelled. Try not to use your mimic tear for every boss fight, what I mean by that is try and challenge yourself a little as its more satisfying. But also know there's no shame in using whatever item u need to overcome a challenge, if its in the game,then is fair game.

  30. A Hind D? Colonel whats a Russian gunship doing here

  31. Christian Bale in American Psycho. He's such an excellent Patrick Bateman, I don't think anyone else could play the character that accurately to source material. A psychopath with a thin but convincing mask. It was perfect

  32. "Impressive, very nice...Now let's see Paul Allen's Oscar nomination"

  33. "You had my curiosity, now you have my attention"

  34. Crucible is from Doom 2016 and Doom eternal. Crowbar is from the Half life series

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