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  1. Yeah sure. Infinite money glitch. Why not share it with the world, eh.

  2. People having issues with running a game with 2004 graphics? Damn. I played WoW from 2004 to 2008 so im just lurking in here. But i don't remember performance issues on my frickin pentium 2.

  3. A bit of dark chocolate or an espresso fits well into any stew. This is just excessive.

  4. So, I got curious and tried the app. My self esteem is currently suffering. Granted, my photos aren’t great, but

  5. Use hot sauce or toothpaste as lube~, or push a sprig of ginger and hot sauce into your bladder ~

  6. Now if OP wants to talk to the enchanted gnome under the Sukhumvit Soi 3 (Nana) bridge…

  7. Its easy anywhere to find bud at the moment. Specifically touristy places.

  8. That shit can fuck u in the long run not to hate but I do t think you should be inhaling plastic like that homie

  9. PET is absolutely safe at room temperature. I dont see how that small chillum could heat up the plastic. This is fine.

  10. Just harvested gelato 33 auto a few weeks back. Lovely strain. Will plant again.

  11. I'm planning on getting a sun conure. But only if i can keep them relatively free. I hate locking birds up. Do they like to fly away?

  12. I've had many birds in the past, the sun conure was without a doubt the best as a pet. They are extremely personable. They will bond with the whole family rather than just one person, and they're just fun. They'll headbang and dance and do all sorts of hilarious behaviors. I don't think they're particularly likely to fly away at all, they genuinely seem to enjoy people.

  13. I dont have an issue with the noise at all. The way im setup here in thailand alows me to have the aviary about 30m away from my bedroom. I also have roosters sxreaming under my house every morning and that doesnt even bother me. Thank you for the thorough explanation though :)

  14. Funny enough, my siamese also gets darker over the years. In the beginning when i got him you could almost not see his facial pattern and now its really dark brown

  15. Crows are my favorite. My dad had rescues since he was a child and till he passed away. And whenever i can get my hand on a rescue, i take it in. I keep them totally free as soon as they can fly. Sometimes they hang around for a few weeks and leave and some stayed their whole lives.

  16. Wow, dude's wondering why his wife wont fuck him while behaving like this.

  17. So how do these work? do they have a humidity equalizer built into the bag?

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