1. If so many years have passed since Chris and Chef did another season, I’m wondering if Chris ended up getting some help so that he’s not as psychotic as he was in the later seasons.

  2. I feel like Zoey is one of the few people that didn’t fall for his charms, and hated him because she was well aware of his reputation

  3. Can we please just get officially public confirmation of Elden & Deborah returning as Foggy & Karen already lol

  4. I mean they've brought back Charlie Cox and Vincent D'Onofrio anyways so it's not like they're totally against bringing back old actors. Hell, they brought back Jamie Foxx as Electro which Marvel Studios had no hand in doing (and he wasn't well-liked in TASM 2 ). Sure Electro wasn't Foxx's fault but it's not like Elden Henson and Deborah Ann Woll were terrible too.

  5. Well Kevin Feige has mentioned how he liked Jamie Foxx’s Electro in TASM2, but felt his character needed work. So that could play as a factor into why he decided to include him in NWH.

  6. Dock of Shame seems the less harmless and most safe, so I’d definitely choose that over all of these

  7. I would hate it. He should use a voice that matches his character, or just his natural voice instead.

  8. "nobody tell Lightning were to dig. I'm my own man"

  9. “Sometimes when my tummy’s empty, my mind ain’t full! Stupid Boney Island fish! (gags)!”

  10. Agreed, it was an extraordinary situation and Shane lied about what happened to Rick which kick-started the whole thing.

  11. I never had issue with Skylar but I couldn’t stand Walter Jr. that little prick had such a shitty attitude throughout the series

  12. I agree Walt Jr had an attitude, but I also can’t say that I really blame him. So much was going on behind his back, he was always confused and nobody would tell him anything. There is a lot of information we know that he doesn’t.

  13. I'm really looking forward to this and finally to have my Mom get to watch the show with me. She knows I'm really into The Last of Us and how much the series means to me and I know she'll never play it and it'd be tough for her. So to me this is the perfect way to show her what The Last of Us is in a way she'd be able to like. Sadly she already knows what happens in part 2 because I bawled my eyes out in front of her when I realized he wasn't coming back and the ending of part 2 which she watched me finish the game for the 2nd or 3rd time I don't remember lol

  14. My biggest fear is all the hate to come for part 2. Many people still don’t accept it. It took me 2 to 3 play throughs to forgive Abby and understand what she did is exactly what Ellie was doing, killing for revenge. I hope people will understand that not everything in TLOU is black or white. Most is in the grey area.

  15. How people will react to Joel saving Ellie and taking away the chance for there to be a vaccine, is the moment I’m the most intrigued to see how everyone will react to.

  16. Lizzie would’ve been the perfect child in Alpha’s eyes. Everything she’d wish Lydia could’ve been

  17. I'm hoping it's mixture of cgi and makeup - similar to vecna on stranger things. The clickers look to be what I'm describing too.

  18. Didn’t they get the same makeup team from Stranger Things that worked on Vecna, to come work on this series?

  19. i haven’t seen him in anything but he looks creepy so he’s probably gonna nail the role? let’s hope

  20. He was definitely unlikeable in El Camino, but also kinda had his moments where he was hilarious.

  21. David (if that is in fact him in the center of the first image) looks a lot like that guy who plays Shawn in The Good Place and Captain Holt’s husband in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

  22. I feel like Maggie & Negan’s rivalry matches Rick & Shane’s (with the major difference being that they were never friends before becoming each other’s arch enemy.)

  23. “But the all-you-can-eat pancakes in the world, wouldn’t be special without friends to share them, hmmm.”

  24. They would’ve been a great villain duo, if they didn’t hate each other so much

  25. I really enjoyed the Guardians interacting with the Avengers in Infinity War and Endgame, and the fact that it’s highly possible that none of them will be featured in Kang Dynasty and/or Secret Wars almost upsets me a little!

  26. So excited for this series!! I'm really hoping it will become one of the biggest shows on TV!!!

  27. I’m pretty sure she mostly regrets her behavior on the show, she’s her own person off the show. She knows she’s hated and she’s fine with that for the most part, moves on with her day, and just minds her own business. I don’t think it’s right or your judgement to say or believe whether or not she’d be capable of seeing the error of her ways or not (in which she does).

  28. Even if she knows and doesn’t care, that’s still just as bad if not worse.

  29. OK those are mistakes, but Ben couldn't actual lead or give direction to his team at all either season.

  30. I knew if he wasn't playing a younger Fisk, it had to be a character related to him in some way!

  31. I always got the impression that Scott isn’t that bad of a guy, and is only antagonistic in a competitive environment. He has the mindset that in order to win, you need to be ahead of everyone

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