1. Same vein as ‘Yen’ but I think I like this one a little better

  2. Love it, Isaac is super detailed and Dead Space is a great franchise.

  3. I’m glad you didn’t put a spoiler filter on it considering this book has been out for 70 years.

  4. Unfortunately I have bad memories associated with this show so this is fine.

  5. Yeah this is still a badass figure. Definitely worth the $100

  6. I think if Callisto Protocol was released exactly the way it is now, after three patches; people wouldn't consider it vastly inferior, just a somewhat different taste. There is a lot in that game that is masterfully executed and avoids many pitfalls of AAA game design. (Like overabundance of silly cutscenes and irritating characters.)

  7. Callisto Protocol? More like Space Mutant Punch-Out

  8. Oh I enjoyed it! Just wasn’t expecting the heavy melee focus at first but got used to it

  9. Wow, for a quick second I thought this was an announcement for a sixth scale figure of trauma team. Great work though, looks straight out of the game!

  10. Halo 4: Reclaimer mission literally looks like this.

  11. Yeah Chrome Mando is quickly disappearing and becoming more and more expensive so I’m really considering picking this version up.

  12. Ah, I see the Deluxe is back in stock! Thank you kind sir

  13. Come with me to Monkey Land! There’s adventure to be had. Jovial Theme Plays

  14. We stopped for chow on patrol Iraq one time and there were these starving stray dogs running around. You could see their ribs.

  15. Only the USA will figure out how to turn engineering tools into guns

  16. How come I can’t get out of playing this kid laroi dreams thing and get back to playing regular Fortnite?

  17. You know it’s about to get real when the crackhead makes eye contact with you

  18. Woah woah hang on. Don't chuck things like this out there without something to go on. Is he a known offender?

  19. Having sex with a 14 year old girl knowing she was 14.

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