The FTC wants to ban those tough-to-cancel gym and cable subscriptions | The proposed ‘click to cancel’ rule would require companies to let you cancel a membership in as many steps as it takes to sign up.

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  1. I wonder how much this map overlaps with the educated population map. 🤔

  2. And poverty and income and reproductive rights and LGBTQ acceptance and healthcare and safety......

  3. People are scared to change jobs

  4. We ended up on a mountain top during a lighting storm. Ended up slinging our camping hammocks between two trees and getting into them, each of us with one dog. I took our packs and hiking poles, extended the poles all the way, and sweet them in a pile about 100’ away.

  5. The issue is though if the trees get struck they can literally explode

  6. Our only other option was to go out in the open where we would be tallest thing.

  7. Ya I would a done the same thing as like you said best option in a tough spot

  8. Where do I find these buyers when I have an old shitbox to sell?

  9. List your vehicles for sub 1k and you'll get all kinds lol

  10. Nah, it just wants you to let it out!

  11. It's a sort of hot knife, this is actually something that is done on things like forklift tires and heavy equipment tires, because they have so so much rubber on them.

  12. That’s dope. I could see that tucked away under some kings bedtime robe

  13. It’s probably not even a kings. If I remember right the Roman soldiers were paid very well (and did pillaging) but them being paid well helped them stay loyal to the government

  14. I was going for some kind of 80s vibe. Was not sure about the color choice, but wanted it to pop.

  15. Omgggg this is an amazing idea! I would love to try it for mine but she would never keep them on!

  16. Riot control horses? That's fucking metal.

  17. They all knew. They didn’t care. No way you get approval for a project like that without thousands of pages of environmental impact. They wanted some combination of votes/power/money/fame.

  18. It was done in like 1953 ish according to that, which was before the creation of the EPA

  19. I have to say that wouldn’t surprise me in the least. 😂

  20. Yep i found it, it’s their third tenet for joining

  21. It’s a Rick and Morty reference. The high school principal is telling everyone to stay home from the flu awareness dance if they’re sick because the dance is about awareness, not celebration, and then he says, “You don’t bring dead babies to Passover” I guess because even though we’re aware of dead babies at Passover, we’re not celebrating them. Also, got any good Pesach plans?

  22. It appears that they stole the saying according to what others are pointing out (that it’s an older saying

  23. I moved to another state and had to cancel. All you have to do is transfer your membership (by phone, which sucks, but it beats going back to a state 6 hours away) to a gym by you then walk in and cancel. Took less than a half hour total.

  24. The point is (and I’ve had planet fitness) is how aggravating and a waste of time it is TO HAVE TO GO THERE to cancel. I am 1000% in favor of this rule change. If I can sign up on the website why the fuck do I have to go in and sign paperwork to cancel. I literally didn’t cancel my membership for 6 months after I stopped using it simply because I had to go in to do it

  25. The republicans will still say this is a bad thing. That it infringes on companies' rights and is over-regulating the free market. Or some nonsense.

  26. You should read the wiki article and it constantly talks about how the other schools of thought argue against it. Which is fucked up because as I read it every single idea is just an “ya duh that’s obvious?!!?!” Reaction

  27. The original comment was talking about politics. Singing the national anthem and honoring troops is not political in the slightest. Also, what religious ceremonies are done before sports games?

  28. Lol fucking what? People existing isn’t political, singing the national anthem is nationalism which IS political. As are military involvement in the world which includes the troops

  29. Honestly I think he meant the national anthem and forgot that that isn’t religious

  30. This wouldn't work with a classic VPN service. You would need a VPN tunnel to the network at the primary address. That way your traffic is originating from the same network and has the same public IP as the account holder. Would need to setup and manage a VPN server on the router of the account holder. Then you could connect your devices to their VPN server and access Netflix from their public IP.

  31. Also some routers, like asus, come with the tech already. It’s literally a button in an app from them that tunnels back to your house

  32. What the absolute hell does 2035 have in store?

  33. We start truly seeing the major affects of climate change

  34. I casually mention the fact that I see a therapist because I believe in trying to fight the stigma that still exists around it. And frankly, I don’t give a shit if anyone thinks I’m weird or messed up when I tell them this (that I see a therapist) - that’s part of the risk I take but for me it’s worth it and relatively inconsequential.

  35. How do you even come to that conclusion? Spacex Is a direct competitor to Boeing and Lockheed, not companies like firefly and rocket lab, they have absolutely no use for old outdated nasa tech, and the companies that do are nowhere close to being able to compete with them. Unless you can built something comparable to a falcon 9 out of this (the answer to this should be obvious), spacex buying this for themselves or to hinder others makes absolutely no sense.

  36. Apple still being so popular when relentlessly and openly trying to disadvantage their users in one way or another boggles my mind.

  37. So did you not grow up in the 90’s? Literally every mobile phone company had its own charger. It was horrible

  38. There were studies done that showed the majority was instigators after thousands of hours of footage was watched

  39. Okay so this isn't me being an asshole, I genuinely don't know how shit works in 3rd world countries.

  40. No they don’t lol, this is OP’s point. Just say you don’t personally like it and move on, their nuggets don’t taste like cardboard they taste like they’re unhealthy.

  41. It’s racism, that’s it man lol

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