1. What you love still exists. Although you could also say it never really existed because Tolkien never finished the rest of the Legendarium and kept making changes. Christopher Tolkien even regretted some of the choices he made for the published Silmarillion. There is no one, set story.

  2. What's up with you ending your lines at random places?

  3. While I agree, I think they realized the watch tower would not hold the orcs off forever. Hell they didn’t need much force to bust through the front door. There’s no way hand to hand combat would have worked once they broke through the gates. So collapsing the watchtower and the hillside was their best bet for killing Adar and a large portion of orcs.

  4. It wouldn’t have mattered regardless. The door of the tavern was similar in size and was barricaded. It took minimal effort to break it down.

  5. The tavern door certainly wasn't similar to the gate at the fort.

  6. Are any of them wearing yellow glasses?

  7. It is even more confusing to navigate than that picture makes it look. The parking is ridiculous; it seemed to be all staff parking and then once you get inside, imagine trying to navigate that thing.

  8. Never said they wouldn't, I said it was unlikely based on my own life experience. Nothing more. Again, I don't want to argue. Hope you've healed from what is was you were treated for there.

  9. Yeah, it was nothing major for me. It acts as just a clinic, too.

  10. Ignored this at first because I didn't notice the dude tucked into the chair.

  11. this was good. if only there were some form of rewarding on reddit, perhaps some sort of currency or trophy that one could hand out to those who make good posts or comments… damn :/

  12. Or just upvote and don't give reddit your money.

  13. Huh, that's weird, because I have this vivid memory of watching The Room on DVD at a friend's house. Thank you internet stranger for being able to tell me which parts of my life happened and which didn't!

  14. You must be a big ol' dummy because I quoted the guy above you, backed you up against the guy above you, and then you attacked me. Good brain there.

  15. you will pry the double modal from my cold, dead hands. Use to could... might should... might would... we love it.

  16. What always confuses me is the people who say both "might can" and "might could."

  17. Is the NCAA insinuating that the military has questionable recruiting methods?

  18. Air Force hit with recruiting violations after telling Mark Emmert's grandsons that they would definitely get good jobs if they say they go in Open General. They got maintenance and security forces.

  19. So that's it? What, we some kind of Star Wars?

  20. No, he deeply admires Tolkien as inspiration and has some deep analysis about his work.

  21. It's a fact checking site so the article refers to it correctly and has them referencing people within aviation explaining the situation. It's someone click baity I guess, but they go after topics that have already been through the viral cycle so I think it barely counts.

  22. Not everyone has those exact stereotypes. Those happen to be ones I've encountered.

  23. I would be surprised by anyone who hadn't heard of the bad drivers one. The other stereotype is more a stereotype of the restaurants. It's not like anyone has ever encountered an Asian and said "so, do you run a dirty restaurant where the servers ignore you?"

  24. Is there any kind of 'diaspora vs. mainlander' division? Or does that get paved over once everyone's in America? When I was in my teens and 20s in L.A., I had the impression that the Hong Kongers/Cantonese had their own thing going. Cantonese restaurants were definitely a thing.

  25. There may be those divides, but in my family, it's just "Chinese" with a vague sense of where grandparents were born.

  26. He was given the name by a mexican character

  27. Proving that a Jew from Brooklyn can be admired for playing a Hispanic character, but a half-Hispanic girl from New Jersey can't play a Disney princess without getting tons of flack.

  28. His name isnt mentioned in the movie because he goes by his nickname Blonde

  29. Smh it was Tuco's nickname for him, not just his general nickname. Have you even SEEN the movie?????!!!!!

  30. The weirdest way to censor a word I've ever seen, you cxunt.

  31. Middle Earth is a continent. The planet (Arda) has multiple other continents, and the text leaves it open for Saruman's spirit to have gone to them.

  32. So Saruman went to Africa...waith. Africawaith.

  33. Might be interstate then… not counting Hawaii or Alaska

  34. Hawaii is the lowest state though 💫

  35. Is there, though? I've never seen it. How do we even know it's real? Is Qatar even a real place??? I'm just asking questions...

  36. I know someone who I think dated someone who taught there or something.

  37. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the number of dead hookers is always one more than you think it is.

  38. I'd go 30 Rock, Community, Office, P&R personally but that seems fair.

  39. You're right, and anyone who disagrees is lying.

  40. I can literally name every single named character in Jurassic Park. Not even jerking here. When I was a kid, I could even do it for The Lost World, which has like 3x characters.

  41. Throw me a couple million a year and I'll retire and live in peace without wrecking my body.

  42. I agree that the (first) team Purdue blew a game against should be #2 and ND should be below Purdue. I have no problems with this.

  43. Which means that Purdue probably would have been top ten if two plays had gone differently instead of #65, even though they would probably deserve #65 at 4-0 with their piss-poor performances.

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