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  1. I don't bother with compost. I just let my leftover food waste rot in the garden in a contained area, to which I add decaying leaf matter in layers, allowing the pile to heat up and decompose and then periodically turn it over to mix it. Once I've got too much of the stuff I dig it into my vegetable garden soil to get rid of the stuff.

  2. Not to be pedantic but it sounds like you are composting in your garden

  3. Ehhhh yeah but CroCop was dusted by that point. Late 30s and had been fighting pro for almost two decades by that point. A win is a win but the man's chin was gone gone.

  4. Imagine how easy it would be to kick Cro-cops ass now, it would probably be classed as bullying.

  5. If Ed Davey was the elephant, would anyone even realise he was there?

  6. You don't think it's even a little bit like Brexit?

  7. I mean, the pain is growing, so she's not technically wrong.

  8. I had to deal with him when he was my MSP. He was bloody hopeless.

  9. Something something Tories have done much worse.

  10. I thought it was style over content. It's not bad, just a bit weird and forgettable.

  11. It gets played just after the Superbowl?

  12. Bit unethical. They're always making arms deals.

  13. Thankfully, there is hope. Conservationists have gotten around 22 embryos frozen that they artificially inseminated from eggs that came from these females and sperm from since deceased males. The plan is to put them into Southern White Rhinos and hopefully all twenty plus will be a success and there will be a viable population in the next 30 years. This will buy them time to allow CRISPR style technologies to advance and help them come back with enough biodiversity to survive and thrive.

  14. Being a mod on Reddit is an opportunity.

  15. Yep, indoor dust is mostly dead skin cells we humans have shed. Also tried tossing in my hair clippings (keratin protein).

  16. This is an old wives tale. Most of your dead skin gets washed off in the bath/shower.

  17. Straight up misinformation from the Daily Record, I mean, look at this shit

  18. But he slept out on the streets one time, then returned to one of his families many palaces. I thought that had solved the problem.

  19. I heard Toney had a large bet on this outcome.

  20. "When you say "by any means" does that mean you'll support violent revolution?"

  21. He said it on TV this morning followed by "within a legal framework."

  22. I like how everyone is saying Gremlins and OP is saying no. For what it's worth I came here to say Gremlins.

  23. Ironically, the venue is very poorly lit.

  24. Can someone run the numbers for 0% of people finding me attractive?

  25. Lineker posted a tweet criticizing the current government's immigration policies and the language used when delivering the policy. He likened it to that of 1930's Germany on his personal Twitter account.

  26. Jermaine Jenas is doing the live text updates on the BBC website.

  27. "Sorry son, it was either this or sell Avon"

  28. Ironically the venue is quite poorly lit.

  29. It's meant to be black and white not white and black.

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