1. With your mb the best you can go for is a 9900k, which is still great for gaming, just make sure your motherboard and cooler can handle it

  2. Some games will use the cpu rather than the gpu when on low settings.

  3. Should I raise my settings up so it uses more gpu?

  4. I have an i5-9600k and he has an i7-10700k and we both play on low 1080p settings

  5. Actually not that much now that I'm looking at it. 3070 will work just fine with 9600.

  6. Also, I realized I bought the oc edition of the 3070. Will it be okay with my 650 watt?

  7. I searched it and it said the minimum requirement is that I have 650 so I was scared lmaoo

  8. That looks like a symptom of a VRAM fault on your graphics card. The fact that it 'went away' when you changed drivers could simply be the Microsoft basic adaptor driver isn't stressing the card.

  9. So is their anything I can do? Or is it done for?

  10. If you manually installed it, you won't have an update.

  11. But it’s also when the drivers were uninstalled. Could it be that the new drivers are messing it up

  12. You'd probably need to grab yourself a flash drive, separate pc/laptop, and make a boot drive to reinstall windows.

  13. I tried that but I think I’m doing something wrong bc it didn’t work. Could u give me instructions plz

  14. Have you checked your video cables? A bad connection can also do this.

  15. I downloaded the drivers and it works now! Thank u guys

  16. Can me not having the proper drivers cause this?

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