1. I’m sorry you’re feeling that way about your jaw. 💜 But I think your makeup is swell and your outfits are always so phenomenal!

  2. A nice pair of black pants are hella versatile, as you’ve shown us here. Really can’t go wrong with any of these tops if they all speak to you!

  3. It's a visceral reaction (shudder and/or clenched jaw), so I can't 100% confirm there is a rational reason behind it, but my guess is that titles and honorifics are more formal than a personal pronoun, so it like stating more authoritatively "you are a man!" (sir/Mister) than an informal/low key "hey guy".

  4. (for folk’s context my question was “for better understanding, why are you okay with ‘he’ and not ‘mister’ or ‘sir’?” Deleted worried that it might be triggering, not realized you’d already replied)

  5. Make ‘em like overdraft “protection” — opt-in only

  6. Levi’s 521 women’s cut do the trick for me! 521 women’s is their high rise skinny. They have a “mile high rise” skinny cut as well but I’ve never tried them.

  7. I don’t know if it androgynizes me all that much, but I’ve taken to anklets lately

  8. Stopppppp your outfits are always so delightfully well-coordinated and for what 💜💛

  9. Just be ready to incorporate apples into your aesthetic as well 👹🍎

  10. My gender is the liberal agenda I shan’t tolerate this erasure

  11. I wasn’t staring at Elastigirl with lust, I was staring at her with envy

  12. I have to wear jeans for work, any suggestions there? I mainly wear mens skinny jeans since that’s what I’m used too but I want to try more Fem things

  13. I wear women’s Levi’s 521 high waisted skinny jeans, they fit mostly like my men’s skinny jeans did but the higher waist and more fem silhouette soften my everyday look in a way I like :)

  14. I actually work at Levi’s so that’s perfect!

  15. Omg you must be awash in denim! Apologies for the pun. 😅 I know the Mile High Rise cut exists too though I’ve never tried them on, I do wonder how aggressively high waisted they are haha

  16. Oh totally. I was always incredibly insecure about how “tough” I was (or wasn’t ig). Didn’t help that I came of age during the whole gangsta aesthetic, complete with JNCO or otherwise baggy af jeans, be hard at all times era in the early 2000s. Showing “softness” of any kind was socially verboten, and depending on who you were dealing with might’ve gotten you physically bullied also. And this was in a pretty well-to-do area too. Throw on top implied and sometimes explicit homophobia at home, and yeah I tried “passing” as what was expected of my agab forever

  17. I mean if you start a food-style fight with your feces then we’re throwing hands, otherwise I hope y’all have a profoundly fantastic shit 🙌🏼

  18. That’s just plain old narcissism. “I don’t like or want this, therefore no one else should either.” Just gotta practice tuning them out

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