1. Facts? You move, your case is turned over to new dept and case reviewed all over again. Another CDR

  2. Stop.v you do not get to curse people out. No one was being rude.

  3. Cdrs are written into law by congress, you don’t avoid them. If you ignore a cdr, your benefits will stop. It’s called failure to cooperate

  4. How long have you been waiting and what state? As I'm in Florida and apparently they are backlogged so I don't know I'm in step 3 medical review since February 21 and the online status says it could take 10 months to process currently on 31% process if that's accurate as for your question I believe you can keep Medicaid then add Medicare maybe states are different that is why I asked what state are you in but good luck with your case and hopefully they approve you quickly

  5. You can apply for the Medicare savings program or extra help, if your income on ssdi is low, once eligible for Medicare. Depends on what your ssdi amount will be

  6. My guess is that they are trying to force out lifetime members with this. They want them to either start paying or gain the weight back so that they will be back

  7. They are offering a one year deferment for now for lifetime members

  8. Except for the franchise members. We aren’t beholden to the same rules (and our meetings are still open. At least in WW Philadelphia they are).

  9. What if I wanted to sell a one time item on eBay for around 2500 dollars? Would that effect SSDI?

  10. No they don’t SSDI is disability you need 40 credits to qualify for it and they expire overtime so if you had 40 credits from 20 years ago that doesn’t count.

  11. Yes I'm aware. Work credits for retirement and work credits for ssdi work differently

  12. The money came from the show. In season 1 they were living in an old fixer upper and the kids all slept in the living room on air mattresses.

  13. Also they had help from their church for some of the adoptions

  14. I converted from oil to gas with a tankless water heater and it way cheaper than what oil costs. A 1200 sq ft house was using like 300 bucks worth of oil per month in winter and that was 7 years ago. Electric is now 130 a month, and the gas bill is not bad at all.

  15. I can see this from my prior job, but only because it’s a nonprofit and our clients wander and tend to yell, hallucinate etc as they have Alzheimer’s/dementia. Sometimes they fight, run out of the building etc

  16. I have one of these for my kid, but I enjoy it more than he does. I have the roller racer

  17. Normal. It’s because dds doesn’t have enough medical evidence to make a decision

  18. He also made the southern state, and that parkway is a piece of shit

  19. Yellow is David Herman and yes that’s Toby Huss next to Tom Petty!

  20. I thought the blonde was. Sorry. I don’t know what she looked like back then. I know what she looks like now, a bit like Janine Garofalo

  21. You think a retail environment is accommodating? Unfortunately not, which is why I will never work retail again.

  22. You could look into Copper peptides. Gothamista (YouTube) talks about them a lot.

  23. Copper peptides made me break out so bad and I normally never have acne. I used The Ordinary version.

  24. I use TO’s and Niod. They don’t break me out but I get it. Everyone’s skin is different. I like Niod’s better. TO’s copper buffet dries my skin out some

  25. I was surprised because I never break out really, during that TOM I maybe get one pimple and that’s it. But this stuff gave me lots of pimples, so I stopped using it to see if it would go away and it did. But at least I tried.

  26. I wonder if this is contributed to the degradation of the tapes over time. Play the tape over and over and over again and it eventually wears out.

  27. I mean if it was still up and accessible to view that’s saying a lot. Yes people can grow and learn but he didn’t take it down, write an apology and state how he feels now and we all know that statement is a white supremacist sentiment and nothing more. Plus, supporting nazi Germany isn’t really something someone can “grow and learn from”. That heinous regime was in the 1940’s we all know what it was and what it did and for him to write that as an adult is gross and terrifying.

  28. Oh it was def a terrible thing, but his daughter did come here to apologize and says she doesn’t think that way anymore. I don’t understand because Tina or Meghan (or both) are bi and the daughter seems to fall under LGBT. Someone like Johnnie who believes in white lives matter wouldn’t accept someone who was gay, lesbian, trans etc. so I wonder if his views have changed. Regardless, you are right. He has not apologized nor deleted anything.

  29. I didn't know that. Do you know what she majored in?

  30. She went to devry and completed something with medical billing and coding, and has a degree in early childhood education.

  31. What I understand is that if its anything with federal regulations then they still could.

  32. Nothing particularly tbh, like there isn’t one specific part I like most.

  33. So is there a way to help British farmers get access to the vaccine?

  34. Dunno, I’m American so I have no idea about the cost and practicality of it

  35. Nope! Plenty of vaccines exist for bacteria, pneumococcus, for example. Mycobacteria, which is what causes Tb, are notoriously difficult to treat and defend from. There is a vaccine called BCG, which offers incomplete protection in humans and is also used in cattle. I'm not sure how effective it is in cattle, but, as others have mentioned, the badger cull has been an expensive fiasco having failed to change rates of disease even after killing 95%of badgers in some parts of Britain.

  36. I said that because in the US, we don’t give a tb vaccine, but other countries do vaccinate for it. Though tdap and pneumococcal pneumonia are the only ones I can think of that we do administer that are bacterial. I guess the meningitis vaccine too. I just don’t think of those anymore because you don’t really go back to get it again except for tetanus

  37. I don’t consider a random YouTuber to be a reliable source.

  38. I don’t know what to tell you. He personally spoke to her and she said it was true. Not my problem if you don’t want to believe it

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