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  1. I remember when I thought communism was a good thing when I was 15. Then I got a job and watched my paycheck get fucked by taxes and how inept the government was at literally anything. Now I just want to be left alone with my cats, free from the clutches of tyrants of any political ideology.

  2. His hand is like a cast iron pan, seasoned and adds flavor you can’t get elsewhere the more you use it.

  3. TLR-7 SUB 1913 attachment. Has an HK locking piece and fits great. I’d have preferred an X300 but HK made the pic rail too short and it takes some modification of the light to work.

  4. Don’t attach it to your PC, that’s just another thing to deal with when trying to take everything off. I would recommend suspenders, I’ve used them with my shooters belt and it helps to use your shoulders with bearing some of the weight

  5. My dad called me around noon one day while I was out camping. I was trying to take a nap. I looked at the phone, let it ring, thinking i would just call him back later. He committed suicide before I could.

  6. Could it be a TSS flash hider? Mine looks very similar

  7. I think that’s exactly what it is, thank you sir! How does it stack up to a more traditional comp?

  8. Mine works amazing at redirecting sound and reducing flash. It adds a lot of weight out front but imo the added weight just helps reduce recoil. Built like a tank too

  9. I’ll have to compare it to my VG6 Epsilon, which I’m a huge fan of (but whoever is next to me at the range sure isn’t).

  10. How did someone come and take your brass at the range? Did you leave it on the ground and walk away?

  11. No, I had it all bagged up in an ammo can with some other shit and left it on the bench to use the bathroom after I loaded up my guns since it was right next to the car. Came back and it was gone, along with another guy that was packing up and leaving the same time I was.

  12. I just picked up a few pounds of Sta-Ball 6.5 to load in 7mm-08, would love any thoughts you have working with it. Previously I’ve loaded with Varget and Re-15/17.

  13. Sta-Ball is my favorite powder by a long shot, even over H4350. I find it much easier to get consistent charges out of my powder dispenser due to it being a ball powder and flowing well. My go-to charge of 43.6 grains gives me almost 100% case fill. During load development, I found that my groups were the tightest in the 43.4-43.6 grain range. Others have had better luck at 44.0 grains. I don’t have a chrono so I can’t comment on velocity, but others on various forums have had the same experience.

  14. Man here. I’ve had issues in the past with mens rooms not having changing tables. In these cases, I’ll typically explain the situation to an employee and ask them to check the bathroom for me and watch the door so I can change my kid. It’s worked for me every time, and I’ve never had an issue.

  15. I had one of these I used in clay and sandy soil in North Carolina, it works amazing. Roots and rocks are always a pain in the ass though, and I watched this thing dislocate my partners shoulder. It’s a great tool with limitations.

  16. I may convert to lem later. As for now, I rely on the heavy double action trigger pull. This makes your shot deliberate and reduces the chance of an accidental discharge towards an unintentional target. I don't encourage this for everyone but this is how I have trained in tactical situations in the military and it has worked for me.

  17. If you convert to LEM let me know, I’ll straight trade you my LEM trigger group for your trigger group.

  18. It’s a Norinco Hunter. Dudes turn them into a 7.62x39 Galil clone. Fairly well made just goofy

  19. Can confirm, I did one of these conversions a few years back.

  20. Be sure and bring up your proposal to restart this shooting group at a Board of Directors meeting.

  21. That’s the game plan, I just want to see if there’s any interest in it before I pursue it. Presenting solutions instead of problems, you know?

  22. I'm aware. I was just making sure that you considered it prior to assuming you could just restart it. All the best.

  23. Valid point, I appreciate it. I mentioned it in passing to the club president and he said the only reason it wasn’t meeting anymore was there wasn’t anyone to run it, I’ll have to make my intentions clear with him.

  24. I do, but I ended up making a stock to work with it. Sorry man!

  25. Political shithole at the moment with the lamest gun laws ive ever seen, no thanks, im good for the next few years. Ill come when the gun laws get a little more lenient, cus at the moment it seems like a nightmare

  26. Obv less lame than the gun laws in your neck of the woods, you can’t even have a suppressed rpk.

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