1. True. By the time you're used to it you're so used to it that it's weird it's broad daylight when you're used to it being dark

  2. No. There's already too many laws and ways for the government to take people's money

  3. It is weaponized, a long time ago. Hydrogen bombs are fusion

  4. I honestly don't enjoy taking shots of anything but I like the way it makes me feel so I do it anyways. Not sure how somebody can enjoy the taste of vodka but I'm sure some do

  5. Android is an operating system and can have varying hardware powering said operating system. If you go by that, Android would be superior because you could have a high-end pc running Android OS.

  6. I discriminate on how people dress and that's completely fine. If you're wearing a BDSM suit in public I'm not going to go near you.

  7. Religions, actual diplomacy, different government systems/mechanics for each empire. There is no reason the Empire and Vlandia should have the same government system. Each empire should have their own unique type of government system and culture

  8. Dumb question but how would they make less than minimum wage without it being illegal for them?

  9. It's also hard to believe GTA is so popular the government named a crime after it, Grand Theft Auto

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