1. Zoe sounds too '90s/'00s-hipster to my ears – but, yes, the spelling ought to be Zoey (and not Zooey, either, which reads like "Zoo-ee".)

  2. Fair, I wanted to name my daughter Zoe when I was 12

  3. 9/10 it all had a great flavor. Chicken had a crunch and the sweet/spicy contrast really hit nicely. The brussel sprouts with the Dijon had a nice tang. All of it together really had a delightful tour of flavors. I did add more garlic to the chicken but that's the only change. I gave it a 9 because honestly it wasn't a very filling meal. Could have used a little bigger chicken or more veggies. Other than that it was a simple very tasty meal!

  4. We had this the other night too - loved the sauce on the brussel sprouts!

  5. No, Cincinnati is uniquely difficult because of how unwelcoming the “natives” are.

  6. I can agree if you get in to the “what high school did you go to” crowd. Clique-y as fuck.

  7. My dumbass thought I was looking at a satellite floating I front of the moon all week until this picture

  8. I thought it was a satellite in front of mozzarella, it’s okay

  9. Blunt with snoop. Jay Z got too big for his britches, he gives me Justin Timberlake vibes now.

  10. Has he even been to a drag show? Does he have any idea what he’s fighting?

  11. Not a breed, just a different color coat of a lab. Sometimes they’re registered as chocolate because silver isn’t recognized by the AKC.

  12. Or later if they have kids. Parents like nothing more than having your child stay up late and fussing.

  13. Don’t make kids the bearer of the burden. Kids need sleep.

  14. Does my version look like something the cat left for me to step in compared to home chef’s photo? Yes. Does it taste good? Also yes.

  15. Remember that string of no-bread-knife videos? This is why you have a bread knife. Gotdamn. Beautiful.

  16. Overall a solid meal but not my favorite salmon dish from home chef (that maple bacon dijon salmon I made a few days ago was on my mind while making this).

  17. Being called mature for my age wasn’t a compliment.

  18. i'll once again note that this recent melt terminology doesn't make sense, and doesn't respect the historical use of the word. A melt, (sensu a Seafood Melt) is open faced, finished under the broiler. A grilled cheese is a closed face sandwich, grilled on a griddle.

  19. My rule is that if it can be a sandwich without the cheese, it’s a melt. Like a pesto grilled cheese. You wouldn’t eat just a pesto sandwich. That can stay in the grilled cheese category. I will let a condiment slide.

  20. I put my frozen meat in the fridge to thaw the afternoon before the day I cook.

  21. Okay but for the rest of us who lack planning skills…

  22. Thanks! Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. We’re all trying to be a little bit better.

  23. One of my favorites I’ve had from home chef so far! The glaze is delicious. The whole thing came together in about 20 minutes. The salmon is flaky and tender, the tangy sweet glaze compliments it well, the serving sizes are generous. Plus, bacon.

  24. Happy with how this turned out but had to make some adjustments!

  25. We both posted the same meal tonight. I liked it a lot too.

  26. Not the prettiest plating I’ve ever done, but delicious! The sauce on the Brussel sprouts is one of the best I’ve made with home chef - gochujang, browned butter, and maple syrup come together to make a delicious sweet and spicy sauce.

  27. You have the same plate as the photo too haha

  28. Ahaha I didn’t even realize! For anyone wondering they’re

  29. I’m really happy with how this turned out! The potatoes have a delicious buttermilk dill seasoning on them and in the crema on top of it. The steak is juicy and I cooked it to medium. I liked the horseradish aioli on top of the steak that helped the cheese adhere to the steak with the crispy onions on top. Overall great flavor, great texture.

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