1. Also, I couple people have reported that they were able to buy this before their broker reversed the trade.

  2. it was the only test to actually have an active L2 with bids and asks.... it was labeled for warrant sales not common stock which was intersting also.

  3. it is all going to sound real bad... but the ONLY THING THAT MATTERS ARE THE ADRIZER #'s... check the last earning back in May (around there) and with less than two months of operation it FUCKING KILLED IT (I have an old post with pics/info from that filing and #'s)...

  4. I don't think they fully understand the type of people they are trying to "warn"

  5. i like the hype but they just filed an S-1 to add shy of 200,000,000 shares from time to time... they also went from a web3/blockchain company to an Aqcuisition based company (they will need flow to buy companies)

  6. Is that pesos? 12 to $1 was conversion last time I went down (probably more now)… that’s like 5 and change American dollar wise

  7. At least you had the balls to wait till after the earning report to consider puts…

  8. Good to see… gonna be an interesting next week with this and BBIG

  9. So what's the distribution 1 for every 1,000 ? Lol

  10. 1 for 1. Check out the news buddy… today might be fun.

  11. So she’s probably going to marry a Mexican 🤔 we are not going to be a minority group for long.

  12. Nice find... So they already completed their layoffs/corporate reorginaztion and restructuring of products into three main departments it looks like.... we get thirty minutes of opening trading before they could drop some news that might move the ticker...

  13. The only numbers that matter are those for Adrizer… they killed it last reported earning back in like may and was only operational for barely two months…. If that falters then I don’t know how this company will generate revenue and we get F’d ON OR ABOUT for the final time

  14. Someone literally posted this same shit this morning with a political leaning and it got banned… fucking bots.

  15. because Ryan Cohen mentioned Turtlenecks... this is a well known scene where a tech guy puts a turtleneck on so people take him more serious

  16. This dude is pretty thorough usually…. Some compiled DD

  17. Right to eat bugs before the right to free speech.... sounds very european :28561:

  18. Right. At least we get some education over here - seems to be lacking wherever you are from.

  19. I must have missed the ticker you are informing us of… maybe

  20. Cradling the balls and stroking the shaft… just how daddy likes it….

  21. Adani if you are out there, you should buy this good company, very good future, talented staff.

  22. Check out their Wiki page Hindenburg has like 5 people employed :facepalm:... I wonder how long 5 people can keep it up going against the 3rd richest person in the world... there are about to be some disappearing acts :smile:...

  23. This simple states that right now at this point in time there is no “expectations” That is the loophole word. Expectations almost always change.

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