this guy bothering a jellyfish

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If this isn't wholesome i don't know what is

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Those punches tho

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  1. He definitely didn't get puss... She probably said thank and good night

  2. Is not the paycheck is the culture of entailment, you own me more. I am way more valuable that I am currently am. Tipping for door dash? You took the job you decided to do the orders. No tip then eat the food take your time so it gets cold.

  3. Referís are just Buffon's, they are there to make sure the game attend to the rules. Not kids with egos. Or be corrupted and say oh I didn't see it. Cámaras everywhere! And football still rely on this clowns

  4. might be late but for pve i like on proc since i don't have to worry about keeping track or add another button to press. but if you do get a very very powerful trinket that is wordy then add it. some of the trinkets have a very big CD is are on press vs on proc

  5. I am watching starters episode 9 because my gf love sw. As soon I saw the emperor been levitating I was looking for a pic of Hellraiser to show they got it from there. And put this post and saying exactly what I told her! Thanks for posting

  6. VDH is also not super performance, i do feel we have agro issues and randomly in the middle of a group of mobs one will not get agro and will start chasing one of my dpsers...

  7. Not particularly. Dps racials are very close (all within 1-2%) and simply dependent on your particular spec. Utility racials are encounter dependent. Stuff like rocket jump is very good on immobile specs, but void elf spatial rift can be better in some situations. Dwarf self dispel is either good or useless. Shadowmeld can be broken in m+ but is pretty useless in raid. Etc.

  8. Blizz don't offer numbers on how many players are horde or alliance, last time I check was a website saying there are 8 horde for 1 alliance player.

  9. BGs are about 50/50 lol not to mention with mercenaries itll be like 3 actual alliance players per bg

  10. sadly that program cause more damage than fixing an issue,

  11. He didn't watch the episode of "friends"

  12. This thread is idiotic. James Cameron has some dumb opinions, Marvel has some underdeveloped characters. Both things are true.

  13. James.movies by himself as director made billions of dollars. Marvel have two directors and change hands every movie. Yes they are bad from all names on the media industry he is a person you should listen for advice

  14. The stupidity of people to get.lokes and see their channel :( ... The more angry one gets or more punches the give him more people will look the video.

  15. I would not like a fence! It brings people to see the death and he gets visits.

  16. They are confused because a white couple gave birth to a black baby in the same hospital on the same day.

  17. It is very coming they are misplaced baby's in hospitals.

  18. Why? Release him? We are to soft on criminals of that magnitude, he will do it again :( as it been the same path with other criminals released

  19. How do we explain her is not the boobs weight...

  20. The level of stupidity that people do for dumb likes in social media.

  21. I would be ashamed to say those are my parents. The level of stupidity of this gender reveals,. Funny later on the kids decide to change genders.

  22. Everyone keeps saying “she had mental health issues” but no one is specifying what kind of issues. That’s like saying I have a health problem. Could be a cold. Could be cancer. Her issues don’t necessarily justify her behavior. Were those issues so severe she didn’t know driving almost 3 times the speed limit was dangerous to herself and others? I find it hard to believe they were severe enough that she could be an ICU nurse but not be responsible for her actions.

  23. Ba today everyone crying mental issues... Is call life.

  24. The guy was just pointing with out seeing him walking by. Was a mistake

  25. Life in prison with no possibility of parole is honestly worse than death if you ask me.

  26. Why we have to maintain him? They need to change the law to majority votes for sentences and not unanime (all voting the same)

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