[Highlight] Travis Kelce: "Burrowhead my ass!"

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  1. I guess it will depend on how the draft shakes out, but that's some high Chiggy praise. At this point, would you take Chiggy over any of the incoming TEs?

  2. He is a writer. Been working on a detective serious for a couple years. Wrote on the reboot season of Veronica Mars was one of the main writers on an episode or two.

  3. Kareem's got multiple stats maxed out. An all-time well-roundedly talented person.

  4. Is there anyway to interpret this other than no one wanting to work with Kyler?

  5. They're probably just apprehensive about Arizona's water security and the depletion of the Colorado River and its resrvoirs.

  6. Arizona Cardinals. I mean yeah technically their habitat range goes to AZ but there's so many badass desert creatures you could substitute in.

  7. There is a species called Pyrrhuloxia that lives in the southwest that looks similar to northern cardinals. I think they are nicknamed "desert cardinals". Maybe use their heads instead on the helmet

  8. I think you should come back home to San Diego, CALIFORNIA!

  9. Nothing but Whatabout-isms. Omar is anti-Semitic. I am Jewish so don't tell me what is and what isn't anti semetic. She used age old anti semetic rhetoric. Her "apology" and "accountability" was followed by more anti semetic comments. She is not sorry.

  10. What anti semitic rhetoric did she use? Citations please.

  11. It falls into the "Jewish conspiracy for power" that the Jews are some how "in control". That's why it's anti semetic. I am Jewish, just like the POC community, don't define what racism looks like for these groups. Illhan is an anti semite and her "apology " was hollow

  12. How convenient. Spare me the fake outrage. AIPAC can keep funneling tons of money to political campaigns and if someone mentions it, they get called out by comments such as yours.

  13. In fairness Israel did pass a law in 2018 formally declaring itself as the "Nation-State of the Jewish People."

  14. Yeah, we're gonna need citations for this. What statements of hers are you referring to?

  15. So? Don't act like it's not true that AIPAC isn't a significant financial contributor to many political campaigns.

  16. Getting Brady as a 4th round pick in 2000 and having a top tier QB until today has been nice. Enjoy retirement Buddy.

  17. That's awesome. You probably have the longest tenured player on a single dynasty team on earth.

  18. Dont the Vikings have like a bottom ranked defense that gets lit up every game? Not so sure Kirk is your problem.

  19. I've decided (and I say this as a big Joe Burrow fan) and to me it's pretty clear Mahomes getting hit affected the throw whereas Burrow is throwing the ball away to avoid a sack. Just my two cents.

  20. Not to mention Mahomes is throwing to a wide open Kelce. He wants to deliver that pass. In the Burrow clip he's throwing to a blanketed Perine who is not remotely open and the pass could have been intercepted, so he grounded it.

  21. It entirely depends on how much it looks like the QB was trying to get it to the receiver and how long the total attempted pass is.

  22. Plus Kelce was wide open and thus, it was plausible that Mahomes did want to get the ball to him. Perine was blanketed and had a defender directly in the path of the throw so Joe grounded it. This seems plain as day to me.

  23. Romo's commentary tonight has been on point I feel like

  24. Same. A nice amount of X's and O's stuff from him. He said "Jim" about 1,000 times but I don't really mind, I just think it's kind of funny.

  25. Do fans just not like the Chiefs on this sub? I watched the game and thought it was decently well reffed (the DPI or defensive hold call against the Bengals was probably the wrong decision but nothing too crazy), but came to Reddit and everyone is bitching about the refs.

  26. Even the DPI looked fine to me. MVS had his man beat by a step, the defender grabbed his hip and twisted him prior to the ball arriving. It wasnt a super hardcore DPI, but seemed like a fine call to me.

  27. I feel like I'm crazy or something because no commentator has ever bothered me as much as every commentator seems to bother most

  28. Amen. I'm blown away by the visceral hate these commentators receive. Such a strange thing to form such a strong opinion about.

  29. There are several more flags to complain about than a potential late hit imo

  30. MVS had hin by a step so he grabbed him by the hip and twisted him before the ball got there. Seemed like a fine call to me.

  31. People not shutting up about Romo is more annoying than Romo. Maybe we can talk about the play that happened in the highlight than your need to hyperventilate whenever Romo compliments a player you don't like

  32. I agree. Romo is fine, lotta people have a weird fixation.

  33. Eli Apple really gave them some Grade A bulletinboard material

  34. It’s really hard to with these blatant calls for the chiefs

  35. Unpopular opinion I guess, but I think the officiating has been fine.

  36. She’s not “misunderstood”. She really fucking hates Israel in a way that occasionally bleeds into mild anti-semitism. She also really fucking hates US foreign policy of the last 50 years. Is highly ambivalent about calling out Hamas, Iran and the Taliban, because admitting the opponents of stuff she also doesn’t like are terrible people too muddles her message. Occasionally she lets those opinions slip, before she does damage control, because she’s not stupid and those opinions are hideously unpopular.

  37. Ive never heard her say anything outrageous like you are accusing. Can you provide an example of an instance in which she really fucking hated israel to the point which it reaches an almost antisemitic nature?

  38. Because you can imagine that being your own son and that scares you. But, you don't even have to have a child to feel just as strongly.It impacts everyone who isn't a sadist that's why the possibility of a riot is of such concern.

  39. It's such a resonant, desperate, primitive cry into the void. Clearly the victim's mother can't come to save him. The helpless torment is so deep, the hope is so crushed, and the victim is defeated so completely. The brain has withdrawn so deeply that it summons the very first and strongest bond to goodness and love in the world, an involuntary and universally understood longing for one's mother.

  40. What does it do to keep its tail warm?

  41. @ tsitsipas fans: Here’s an interesting statistic for y’all albeit n=2 sample size. The player who has beaten sinner, especially in 5 sets, has ended up being the champion of the slam the last 2 slams. Djoker did it in wimby and alcaraz in us open.

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