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  1. Both are viable imo, it really comes down to what you think you’ll need first. Blink for positioning and easier echos is nice but fissure plus extra stun is also very nice. You should pretty much always get both so order isn’t too important.

  2. I tend to go shard if I'm having a rough game, the ability to walk up cliffs with it is nice for dewarding and positioning in general.

  3. I believe the argument is that the severity of the storms is bigger than it has in the past. Not sure of the validity of that tho

  4. + more regular. Conservative talking heads love to fight a ridiculous straw man when it comes to cc.

  5. I think his back is fine he just doesn't like he's flaring his last all the way and his arms are just oversized

  6. Yeah I agree, just not sure if it's mostly bad posing over mass

  7. This subscription model is flawed in terms of consumer care, nft ownership could solve some of these issues with digital ownership and greater control of your assets.

  8. Oh shit, good take, I think there must be so many things that are interlinked that Web3 and blockchain is going to solve, and being on the cutting edge of that space will pay dividends in the future.

  9. It seems the are ways to get access and maybe refunds but personally I think the method should really just be built in like in web3 rather than goodwill or from community pressure, should be the default

  10. He literally had an account on there. He decided to sign up for the website. And yeah, it was an off comment, but the fact that he even thought that it would be a good idea says a lot about him. Not only that, but he seemed pretty keen on defending their existence throughout the entire Keffals crusade against them.

  11. Yeah he has an account where he trolls them on his thread only. That's not evidence.

  12. I'm just gonna link a few threads. These more than speak for themselves.

  13. Keffals lies constantly and admits to doing so to get whatever outcome she likes, why use her as a source. The last one is completely reasonable lmao.

  14. My first thought. I would imagine he's probably not getting the same interaction with the other girl and is unfortunately mistreating op by amalgamating the experiences from both girls to feel like he's in a relationship with the other girl, consciously or not it's definitely inappropriate assuming op has voiced her concerns already. This idea might be a reach but it seems reasonable with only the info provided and the fact they have only met in person once. Op seems to fill the relationship side of the fantasy and he pays her for the rest.

  15. The sad part is he has no intention of fixing this by refusing to stop the cheating even after the confrontation.

  16. Yeah if they've had explicit boundaries discussed and then crossed without any concessions from him he's really not worth her time and effort, especially long distance.

  17. I live in Canada where we have “free” healthcare too, and just like in England, it’s heavily rationed and a lot of people can’t even access it.

  18. This isn't specifically because it's free, this waiting list ballooned because services were cut when dealing with covid. The annual increase of funding for the NHS has been cut dramatically for the last 12 years and then had to deal with a pandemic when it was already struggling.

  19. Not sure where you pulled that questionable fact sheet from, but the first couple of things atleast, and your claims are bollocks. It references acog, which disagrees with the claim in there and you entirely.

  20. What are you talking about? My fact sheet attacks the ACOG based on their established views. The claims made in the fact sheet are factual, but the ACOG's claims are not.

  21. My mistake, I kind of switch off whenever a get given a laundry list of arguements I have to counter made by a random source.

  22. Eh, I'm a bloke and have similar frustrations but I don't think waiting for an opportunity for them to not be able to walk off is it haha. You're not pinning them in a corner but they are somewhat loosely trapped in those situations.

  23. Or they don't give you an obvious cue, you start a conversation that wasn't wanted and now they are stuck awkwardly next to you in a queue.

  24. Does she literally hate men, or "uhg, men suck"? Because those are two very different things. Unfortunately a lot of men don't get that so it's best to avoid overgeneralizations like that, but frustration doesn't always make us say the most sensible things.

  25. Similar position, "not you though". Its just a shitty statement regardless of spin imo. A lot of the time it's a hyperbolic, ugh men, but then the repetition of it normalised it for them to just blatant misandry. It's also very hard to push back on and dispel those ideas but they do eventually.

  26. A popcorn fart is also commonly referred to as $APE

  27. This tweet had been reposted hundreds of times here… but I will never not upvote Keemstar Cringe

  28. Tbf that's still like 100k a year from 0 substance.

  29. Bit of a weird post title, 6 other countries have very similar results with the US's result falling well within their confidence interval, and another just in.

  30. The President is the ultimate Federal authority. Anything classified by the Federal branch can be declassified by the president. The process your referencing is for someone lower ranked than the president to declassify. Saying the President needs approval from the FBI to declassify documents is akin to saying the FBI operates outside of the Federal branch's authority. The same is true for all the Federal agencies.

  31. It's not that he needs approval that is the point of contention, the issue is he claims they are declassified after telling no one. He can declassify what he wants, but it can't be because he just thought that they are declassified. There has to be some paper trail.

  32. I think you are being incredibly optimistic in assuming this isn't a desirable outcome for many Christians. I almost posted here asking how many would be in support of state-empowered modesty police. But it's pointless.

  33. Agnostic here, in my opinion I think the only difference those people would require to be pro that kind of government, with that other religion, would be to be born there into that religion.

  34. You can already see it in this thread. There is little self-awareness or honest self-reflection on the part of people that think this way. Their thought process is most likely along the lines of "But we will do it the right way here not the bad way they do it there."

  35. Great book on this called never split the difference by Chris Voss who was an FBI negotiator for 40 years, really useful and interesting book.

  36. Why is this sourced so terribly, give the doi or author atleast.

  37. Tendons take longer to repair than muscle tissue. Deloading is useful for getting round this.

  38. What is deloading? What are 3 best things to eat for tendons and joints?

  39. Basically every so often take a week off or a week where you do lower weight/volume.

  40. Sadly the world and other individual do not conform to your or my wishes and desires.

  41. Its more that I see this sub as a hub for gme and macro news and analysis. I'd definitely send most if not all ta to the data dump sub and memes either is fine.

  42. Purple rings maybe boring, but it is actually productive. It is a fact that shares are being rehypothecated, and removing all if not most of it from the DTCC should reduce it, or at least make counterfeit shares more obvious and provide proof.

  43. It's productive but doesn't seed to be on the feed, why not a spin off sub, when they don't need direct engagement? Like for me it makes browsing so unenjoyable, I learn nothing. Keep the megathread pinned by all means.

  44. Just bc you've already done so doesn't mean others have not. And it's a good way to keep the DRS train chugging along. Not always about you.

  45. No it's not, it makes the sub boring, have pinned explanations. If new people turn up why would they engage in these odd data dumps?

  46. Thank you, Jesus, this isn’t difficult. I don’t want to see 8000 posts about every person who DRS’d 26 shares. Like it or not, that does decrease engagement and distract from the bigger issues that started this in the first place. I want to see the deeper issues behind the DRS movement, and the likely results.

  47. I don't know where you have been for the last couple of years but Cadbury's chocolate has gone right down the shitter recently.

  48. Ask the women who put it on their profiles and say things like “what do you call a guy who’s shorter than you? Just a friend!” I literally heard a woman say that OUT LOUD and both she and her friend laughed

  49. Cunts are cunts, OLD should have augmented dating rather than replace it and it's fostered cancerous behaviours in every demographic.

  50. If she specifically asks and he gives the wrong answer or specifically trying to hide it, then it's lying straight up or by omission. Altering how you present yourself to be better isn't lying.

  51. the funniest part is all the gimmiegimmie do-nothings who think they know how to run everything better than the people who actually built the thing.

  52. Would be worse. Battlefury is too expensive considering how fast meepo farms, those the ~2k gold difference between a maelstrom and a bf in terms of farming makes is the difference between how close an ember is to the meepo. By the time you can spam sleights with lightning, you would only have 2 deadweight recipes for the bf. Also meepo is also slowly getting his items too and fighting a meepo with 2k dead gold is not good.

  53. I guess so. Was just thinking ta doesn't do much to beat him but sleight with multiple cleaves might be worth just changing whose most active when without having to get too close.

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