1. Jar looks like it’s been handled a lot. If you just purchased, not sure why the print would be rubbing off already. I’d give it a 3.4/10

  2. There’s some great rosin but not enough widely available. I’d recommend checking out RKive in Michigan. It’s expensive but a lot of it is single sourced and flame flame. Check out olswell. It’s cultivated, processed and sold all there. When it’s done, they bring it up front directly to the refrigerator to ensure freshness!

  3. Lmao they be putting false terp % on their packages

  4. Why do you think they can put fake terp numbers? I’m assuming you just love to hate on anything and everything

  5. Yeah for instance, Cale is 40 and he is T9 and carded up with KJ, Conrad and Buhr today.

  6. Matty O was something like top 5 or 10 back in 2004 for worlds and is still going strong.

  7. This looks incredible!!!! I’ve never seen their rosin this greasy before. I call it the greasy goodness!!!

  8. No worries my man! Just wanted to help educate. Their rosin pods are super thick and depending on package date a little darker.

  9. I just picked up a bunch of these pods. They expire on 4/4 but are only $20 out the door.

  10. Because the 3 main people in OMCIA have all worked in government for a bit before the program and likely have political connections still.

  11. The truth is, Ohio’s medical marijuana program has been set up better than most in regards to supply & demand. Currently the market is consuming 1400lbs of flower material a week. This is all available on the Ohio MMJ website. If all cultivators are fully built out, they could supply over 4000lbs a week. That doesn’t count the expansion to 50k sq feet for level 1’s & from 3k to 6k for level 2. Prices need to go down, I absolutely agree. But in regards to supply and demand, we’re right where we need to be

  12. What do you like about them besides pricing? Their flower, medically speaking hasn’t done much for me

  13. This was truthfully my 2nd time there. Very cool store, very clean. The backroom where the budtender stations are located is almost set up like a speakeasy, where you have to go through almost like a closet between areas. Cool!

  14. Dude our quality is a lot better than Michigan. Getting cheap stuff in Michigan means it’s expired or old as shit. Dry and not great terps. I’ll gladly wait out deals in Ohio than go to Michigan where they don’t have to tell you something is expired

  15. I've had cured wppf hash from kushkirk that puts anything I've touched to shame. This didn't blow my socks off but I was happy with it. The taste isn't as unique as I liked but it's still quality. For 60g for hash rosin I can't bitch too much. It's the only thing to me worth the money considering the process and for me the enhanced effects

  16. What is wppf? Also, where is kushkirk available? I’ve never seen that brand.

  17. Correct. The 160,121 is the Active Patients with a Active card and Active registration. (meaning they have made a purchase)

  18. Fascinating this isn’t sugar of some sort. Looks pretty wet

  19. Correction it’s animal face not animal mints. It said animal mints on the menu but animal face on the package. Don’t know who’s right or wrong. I never heard of a strain called animal face,,,,anyone else????

  20. Does anyone else feel weird for upvoting this type of nonsense?

  21. unfortunately (or fortunately, it depends on you POV), I have no TikTok account. And even if I had one, I don't think I could succeed and get viral in order for someone to notice me.

  22. Make an account. The people of TikTok will make it go viral.

  23. Black ash isn’t indicative of anything other than carbon content though

  24. Not true. The whiter the ash the cleaner or better flush was performed 🤘🏻

  25. Peak should last you way longer than a year my man!

  26. That Kia boys shit is that real?! I saw something recently on a video the algorithm thought I’d like and was blown away that these kids just steal them to drive like idiots

  27. Damn man just makes me feel kinda fucky towards the dispy or whoever is responsible lol

  28. It’s all on Buckeye. Look at what Klutch did with their packaging for the 7.5w luster.

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