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  1. Heat Locker and Orange 43 have never let me down, although they aren’t Josh D line

  2. Ice cream cake is always on point even though it’s not a Josh d line

  3. Got this from midnight oasis in Kent, OH a while back (13-14yrs). Believe it was from someone out west. Had this stolen from me and was hoping to find out how I could acquire something similar. Any recommendations or info on similar artists would be AWESOME.

  4. Try it before you knock it. It’s still solventless & for all you know could be 🤘🏻

  5. Lusters are fine for live resin! I have this exact cart and it is phenomenal. People that say they aren’t made for it haven’t done their homework. I’ve had at least 15-20 different live resins and they are the best and the only way I’ll go. The super lemon dog x melonada live resin is easily one of my absolute favorites.

  6. Interesting. I picked up the 23% catfish and the same o'ryan and there wasn't one thing wrong with both at all..

  7. I’ve never had bad looking flower from Klutch. Only negative I’ve had was a very dry lemon slushee

  8. I'm starting to wonder if its the pgr they def use here....

  9. How do you think this is controlled by RC? They get test results from North Coast…

  10. I have a 5.66 of Greasy Rntz and it’s excellent. Sticky, smells strong, tastes great, and the effects are what I enjoy. No hate here. I’ll happily check out more strains from Certified.

  11. Right on, thank you. Yeah same here with BR. I do like Klutch a lot but a few of their strains werent very pungent odor wise which is a big thing I look for. I do like a lot of Firelands. I try to get Woodward when it is in, not perfect but seems to be the most consistent for me this year. Galenas has been about the same but not quite as showy nugs. The Woodward minis are crazy good and discounted by like almost 20 bucks. Alright Im babbling...thank you kindly for the response!

  12. What’s your thoughts on any of Riviera Creek products? The pink elephant is easily in my top 5 all time.

  13. Where did you snag this? I can't find it anywhere.

  14. Even at the lowest pull setting, a luster is too hot for rosin. What are they thinking?

  15. Once again this is not true. Do your research before stating “facts”. Back up your “facts” with evidence. I got one of these today and it’s incredible.

  16. I'll see you in a couple of days here crying that your rosin burnt.

  17. Smoked through almost the entire thing and it’s still money. Have a lot of friends that are patients and always look for outside opinion. Try it for yourself.

  18. I think the issue isn't that it tested that high, but that riveria constantly puts out 35% flower. Iike every batch of garlic cookie this past year was 35% on the dot. It just seems strange that there is no variation in the %

  19. RC only grows high testing flowing. It’s the cultivars they are choosing. They are also the ONLY cultivation center growing airoplonically in Ohio, and 1 of very few in the US. There is no manipulation of numbers from any cultivator or they’d all be doing it. I wish people would be more concerned with the amount of mold and bacteria allowed in our “Medicinal Program” flower.

  20. Just got some yesterday, never had them either. It’s definitely something different. Every other Friday we go out to breakfast with friends. Margie and Rays or Ricks this morning!

  21. I’m assuming you mean non-chain type restaurants. Down at the Oceanfront check out Eat, Eurasia, Esoteric, Commune, Tautog’s, Doc Taylor’s, The Pink Dinghy, Beach Pub, Il Giardino, Ice House, Big Sam’s, Pizza Chapel and Love Song, to name a few.

  22. Ate at Il Giardino yesterday & had an amazing night.

  23. The fucking part about diarrhea blasting him had me on the floor. Thank you for this well written story. Glad it all got fingered out 😂

  24. You can ask for the packaging date when you pick it up.

  25. I really think they have to be using something to get their bud structure so consistent across multiple strains/cultivars. Almost all of their bud I’ve had recently shares very similar bud structure.

  26. Is this real or like April fools or something? NO WAY SIFT SHOULD BE THAT EXPENSIVE.

  27. Ngl those dab picks look way too much like another kind of paraphernalia tool lol

  28. Do you have proof it really tested that high? I have worked in analytical labs for over 12 years, just because they printed it on a label doesn’t make it true. Let’s see their calibration print outs on their HPLC and mass specs.

  29. It’s tested from an outside lab. Audits every 90 days. Testing is accurate with 1-5%. I can promise you there is no bribing or bullshit going on with testing.

  30. Can you message me the name of who you were dealing with? Have a couple open tickets with them and can’t get any kind of a response. Thanks!

  31. Try reaching out to them via Instagram. That’s how I got in touch with Meghan. Or try calling their customer service number.

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