1. Sometimes DLCs annoy the hell out of me, because some companies will charge almost the price of the game itself but with barely any additional content.

  2. Honestly, eote felt like a completely different game. It was very different from the base game for sure, but I loved it nonetheless.

  3. Are they together? I just assumed this was a random interaction between strangers for some reason...

  4. No one is talking about how hilarious the cake is. OP I love it so much. Thank you and best of luck in y’all’s travels.

  5. I hope you do! The ending to that game is one of the most emotionally gratifying ones I've experienced. If you ever need advice, feel free to PM me or check out

  6. Oh totally, the DLC ending is beautiful, and I think it only adds to the base game’s. Did you do the game ending again after completing the DLC?

  7. This reminds me, a lot of the text in the manual in written in some unknown language. Is this intentional?

  8. The big bang happens after you chill around a campfire with some blue people. And, optionally, an owl with antlers.

  9. Outer Wilds. The music is so satisfying to listen to.

  10. Yes, that's where the skin for bottom surgery for trans men is taken from

  11. Begin with the second log, work your way up and once you’re done break the bottom log

  12. I stand on top of the first log after 2 and 3 are broken, to be able to reach one more log if the tree is tall

  13. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2023/feb/05/now-the-chinese-spy-balloon-is-down-the-question-is-what-was-it-for

  14. the place in between blons and tree stump is the actual monkey city the bloons are trying to invade

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