1. Resident Evil thrives on Linear, replayable and tense stories and environments. An open world game just wouldn’t work for the series, in my opinion.

  2. False, honestly. Check out resident evil 8. Some small exploration about the village, tense and frightening due to each small fight being a dangerous one. Could be done on a larger scale if Capcom’s A team worked on it. None of that bodies disappearing shit.

  3. Nice image but.. You literally can't see it behind all the fucking tiles.

  4. You don’t need the source code for 2/3, PC versions exist already. It’s 1 that’s the problem.

  5. Fortune Four had like 8 members at one point. Have him join ‘just 4 guys’ but don’t mention there being 5.

  6. The controls. Resident Evil 3 allowed for a more fluent play style, you could manually run up and down stairs for example.

  7. I always like getting some DQ losses with weapons in an iron man match. Sacrifice to weaken.

  8. I’d love to see something like that. Someone taking a 10 fall loss as a head start, then just beating and pinning for the remainer of the match.

  9. Where is the code? I’m sorry but I don’t see it under any reply’s

  10. Evil should have been chaotic evil, Jay neutral evil, and Ospreay lawful evil.

  11. That's pretty cool. I'm guessing the secret ending sort of hints or connects to the sequel. Maybe showing Isaac getting picked up by a recovery ship or much later during the time between then and the sequel.

  12. Well the way it’s written (the achievement description) seems to be you join with Nicole at some point.

  13. And every single person that’s on that ship draws their weapon. Not recommended.

  14. Why do I keep seeing this recently? This is like the 4th time this has been posted, not just in posts but in comments too. It's not to be blamed for the stupid about of Remakes we've seen recently. PT Existed before Resident Evil 7. Alien Isolation before that. Get off this fucking topic already.

  15. With this layout, what would your recommendation be for solving the “

  16. I’d just put a set of RockBand drums there. Pull them out when it’s time to party.

  17. Insane. Honestly. And yet Dana White gets his own brand new TV show based around his favourite hobby, slapping his wife.

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