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  2. Ffs stop comparing everything to ww2. Are there parralels? Possibly. Are the two situations the same or even similar? No not at all. Putin is evil Hitler was evil but they are not the same and their goals and methods are wildly different. Putin doesnt have to be Hitler to be evil. At this point all we are doing is downplaying the gruesomeness of the second world war.

  3. It's just a thumbnail implying that both of them invaded and occupied Ukraine. That's all. Sorry if that triggered you. I didn't try to downplay ww2 and didn't claim any of the other things you mentioned

  4. Good attitude. Just be yourself. There will always be haters anyway so you might as well just write the way you want.

  5. Well there are some people who react very sensitive when they see a post that seems like something they have seen already.😅 These people should keep in mind that they are not the only ones on the Internet and that there are a lot of other people who might have not seen it yet and appreciate the post.

  6. Fighting a war without attacking and terrorising civilians seems unimaginable to them

  7. When Yaakov Kedmi says:”It’s obscene,it’s not constructive,it’s criminal to bomb peaceful cities .These words ‘To wipe Kyiv and Kharkiv off the face of the earth’they should not even be uttered “ and Solovyov looks like a kid whose toy someone just took away. How ashamed they are, embarrassed to have their inhumanity highlighted on TV.

  8. Full Version on YT: youtu (.) be / oUBt5TRzVYA

  9. Russia is a mafioso state failure. These kind of ingrained systemic issues are rampant. Cronyism, rampant corruption, torture, etc. it’s rotten to its core and cannot function any other way as it currently exists.

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