1. It was dry but can’t lie I smoked another joint last night and it reminds me of the jealousy I grew

  2. I tried that Guava 2.0 in April it smacked, enjoy! 💨

  3. Looks good but the fans maybe blowing too much air on the plants causing them to put more energy into bulking up the stems to keep them from falling over versus them putting that energy into budding

  4. I always have the fan like that and no issues but will take that into consideration

  5. It’s actually for the weekend lol going on vacation so wanted to grab something

  6. Lol why’d you’d switch? I’m astounded at how little work living soil is compared to coco. I’m gonna have to find a new hobby now that I don’t have to spend all my time mixing up nutrients and wondering if I’m feeding properly! I’m sure I’ll still suffer with the latter issue lol.

  7. I hated soil bro lol coco so much easier imo

  8. What about soil was difficult for you? Was it living soil? So funny cuz I feel the same way about coco. But I’m excited to try something new.

  9. No just soil I know living soil is completely different

  10. Do they not post it I can’t find the deal

  11. Tight setup! Looks like quality genetics, well cared for. Hope to see the results when you finish. Have you run this before? Never had that strain, but I like most cakes and love gelatos.

  12. I appreciate that bro ! Never ran before but it’s Gelato 41 x wedding cake by seed junky

  13. Gosh darn it I hate being in an illegal state xD. Nice set up OP

  14. Looks good... Keep up the hard work!

  15. Is crop salt organic I’ve never used it?

  16. I remember making that transition on a bigger op (alooong time ago), was a game changer! I went back to hand watering for one grow and was too spoiled.. was like fuck all that! Just hand watering my mothers annoys me now!

  17. Looks beautiful! Does your soil blend have a lot of perlite in it, or just the top layer?

  18. It’s canna coco and a layer on bottom and top and sides I had to repot so used all perlite

  19. Cool to see! How did you diagnose and what did you do to correct?

  20. I could tell it was either over watering or a ph issue ..So to start I assumed it was a drainage issue so I repotted in perlite gave it 2 days and didn’t see a difference then we went with the ph and it was off the pen needed to be calibrated so it was a number of things just had to go down the line

  21. Ty ! 😊I'd never turn away such a beautiful bouquet

  22. Look at these got dam Mids what are you thinking man ?? 😂😂😂 good work my brotha from anotha motha

  23. Is that perlite mixed in like that or is it just a thick layer on the top (asking because I’m thinking about throwing a layer on the top of my plants)

  24. Sooo these plants were originally in 2 gallon pots I had a bad drainage issue ..So I transplanted to 3 gallon pots so there is a layer on the bottom also the sides and top 🤣🤣 it works looks crazy but works the roots shot threw it and problem fixed

  25. Thank you 🙏 that sounds fire bro imma have to check it out ..compound puts out quality

  26. First time running CG, but looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Everything I've seen by them looks solid.

  27. Yea it is bro I like there gcc it’s fire

  28. I second the MAC, best I've got after trying 5-6 strains. Kush Mints was mediocre. (SR way better) Rainbow Sherbert looked pretty and had a nice nose but lacked potency for me. Animal Cake was ok. Would have been better and tastier if not as dry. Tropicana Punch was delicious, leaned Sative for me, and was top shelf. Banana cream× Jealousy was also a solid pick up about a month ago. Terps, effects, and freshness were all there. Frozen Jelly 3 looked great but lacked effects. Dip n Stix was a decent buy. I'm not a fan of super fruity terps, but the sativa high was legit. GROW SCIENCES...Bring back GMO flower, PLEASE! What's everyone's favorite flower that GS has to offer?

  29. Me as well. Been a minute since they had it in flower.

  30. Hell yeah looking great . Can't wait for this journey keep the haters hating . #teammidz

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