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Gallery - Anti LGBTQ Wombo employee responds to community

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  1. The Wonder app does a pretty good job at generating boobs. You just have to be clever with your prompts.

  2. This is a car full of children that didn’t have enough guidance from adults. Just more America. That’s all.

  3. I refuse to believe it is generated by AI Edit: i mean because it's good, this community doesn't understand anything.

  4. Wait they changed their program for the premium discord? Wtf? Ya i think I might look for another program. Are they a bunch of 15 year olds?

  5. is the best app on the market right now. $2 per week. Inpainting, orientation options, variations, one click style modifiers.

  6. Maybe I’m misunderstanding you. Apple ll, World Wide Web, DNA criminal analysis, text-to-speech, Microsoft, Python, JavaScript, jpg, we’re all boomer developments.

  7. I think they mean that a small sample size out of all boomers in the world developed all of the big breakthrough tech you just mentioned which is true.

  8. I fully believe in the lead poisoning theory. It at least makes me feel better than assuming that the world is just filled with selfish assholes for no reason.

  9. Selfish assholes or eternal children? You can see them fumble around like toddlers learning new tech every day you work in IT Support.

  10. Unidream, picso, dream, voila, wonder, and dream art. Is there like an app or a website that I can use

  11. Try these ones. If you’re still not getting good results you may have to work on your prompts.

  12. Yes we can. Report their sever to discord from within the discord app on grounds of discrimination. Post about what they are doing on social media.

  13. I complained to the Apple store. Just keep making noise. This sort of thing will go viral.

  14. Yep. Gotta fight that awful osteoporosis. I am almost 40 now and I have never met a single person who had osteoporosis. We did it guys.

  15. Think clearly for one second. If we can just replace the actual young girls that are being exploited with non-existent AI generated young girls we can draw out hundreds of pedos and put a public target on their backs.

  16. I got this exact fortune on Christmas last year. Then fortune cookie manufacturers must hate their lives.

  17. The sportsball guys at University of Michigan rank 2 and 3 respectively. Ann Arbor is consistently ranked the most educated city in America and UoM probably has one of the best medicine systems in the country as well.

  18. Al is an incredible musician, and his band is fantastic. I'd love to see him do a straight up rock album. His original songs, even if weird, have all been great.

  19. I caught him on the tour where he did all of his non parody originals. Magical.

  20. Last time I saw Nazis was when my band opened for Anal Cunt in 06.

  21. Banning lgbt content IS political. It’s not respectful. It’s dehumanizing.

  22. It's making something that should not be political, political. It's a key cornerstone of the Conservative mindset.

  23. Bro you literally compared LGBT to pedophilia and beastiality. Like a direct comparison. You cant do that then say you didn't. That's also quite literally a slippery slope fallacy. That's so insanely off the rails. You think it's ok to want LGBT to not exist in public, so you think it's ok for people to say that it's something bad and disgusting that should be hidden away.

  24. This person doesn't have a functioning brain but I appreciate everything you have to say here. Thanks.

  25. Growing up, we were taught to mind our own business and say nothing / see nothing.

  26. People downvoting and commenting that you are a dick have their privilege showing. They have no idea what it’s like to grow up in bad neighborhood. They have no clue what’s it like knowing it could be your last day simply for being at the wrong place at the wrong time or just simply interacting with the wrong person could you get snuffed out in 10 seconds. As much as we all want to help someone in a bad situation, sometimes being invisible is your best chance at survival.

  27. I find it weird and creepy when people fantasize about hurting criminals. It makes me think they get off on the idea of torturing and hurting others but they think they cant share that fetish unless they identify what they think is an acceptable target

  28. Humans are naturally violent predators. It’s instinctual to want to make people who harm children suffer.

  29. Yay. Another one timne $600 check setting up boomer business owners for the next three years of storefront signs that read “no one wants to work anymore due to government handouts.”

  30. It’s just a mother and son. What’s the big deal. Dosent say they’re together.

  31. Right now for mobil options, is the best at $2 per week. Unlimited generations. Dawn includes inpainting, img2img via sketching, 4 generations per run, the option to create variations of generations, one click modifiers, and orientation options.

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