1. What the Dickens in Ebisu has live music every night I think.

  2. I have a North Face backpack that has lasted me 6 years. I use it every day and take it with me when I have traveled but there are still no signs of wear and tear.

  3. You're telling me students 'learn' English for 12 years and are not able to comprehend simple instructions?That doesn't sound like a a very effective education strategy then. Is this because the languages are so different in sound etc? Are there no learning materials like listening comprehension or discussion rounds where pupils have to listen to and speak English? Sorry if I sound ignorant, just trying the compare it to my own English education where we constantly listened to recordings of native speakers and only were allowed to speak English in the classroom after 3 years of learning. This is very interesting.

  4. Here is the English proficiency index for 2022 and Japan is ranked 80 which is lower than the year before. Remember Japan has been a developed country for quite a while now.

  5. Thanks for elaborating. I have to admit I was ignorant towards the higher difficulty of learning a second language that's so different from your own. Of course I'd do a lot worse at learning Japanese compared to, idk, Norwegian or Italian.

  6. It's quite a big cultural difference in how things are done over here. As a brit who is learning Japanese, I now understand how difficult it can be to learn a language and I am envious of Europeans who can speak English fluently whereas brits really struggle to learn something different other than their own native language.

  7. Right, OK, that's it, turn the music down. You can stop smoking your drugs, I'm making tea and toast for Sophie, I'm putting on Radio 4, everything's normal. I'm not really high on drugs so you can stop talking your nonsense on my time.

  8. Zizzi, Prezzo and Ask Italian. They are all the same to me.

  9. Prezzo doesn't exist anymore l?

  10. I worked in a hotline call centre that helped elderly people with problems related to their carers/care plan(Mears). The call handlers who were in charge of helping your mum/dad/grandfather/grandmother were a bunch of 16 year old weed smokers/drug addicts who constantly tempted to ignore the problem or pass the problem to someone else to avoid doing any actual work. Even the managers were ex drug addicts/drug addicts.

  11. McCoy’s Flame Grilled Steak crisps

  12. Bar Bitch in Nishi-Ogikuo (no joke this is the real name)

  13. A list of things that things annoy me.

  14. Romeo and Juliet (Leonardo DiCaprio version)

  15. I was an English instructor at Nova for around 18 months.

  16. My mum always scolded me for using the word “ain’t”.

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