1. 3-3. got two dubs in a row after harden was out, but got lazy on the waivers and lost 2 in a row. hoping to turn it around this week

  2. True, but 9/10 when you educate a racist you get a non-racist. Claiming they are racist and writing them off does nobody any favors

  3. no you dont. 9/10 when you educate a racist you a get a angrier racist, or a racist that waits for you to stop educating them so they can keep saying the same bullshit again and again

  4. drop cole anthony, deanthony melton, or royce o neal for fultz? or should i just keep all three. thanks for help in advance

  5. trade harden n royce o neal for lebron and barnes?

  6. favourite animals a platypus thanks for the chance

  7. complaining about shit being “woke” as a black person is the most hypocritical and tone deaf shit i’ve seen in my life

  8. That Lil Tecca Genius video.

  9. My girl listened to r&b but I got dumped a few days ago :,( .

  10. ay bruh.. 10 years, how you doing? hope ur happy mane

  11. When you have massive, flaring nostrils like that, I guess you just can't help yourself.

  12. I’d hold Lopez unless you think Randle can maintain a consistent level of play

  13. i dropped him n picked up dennis smith jr for this week.. will i regret that?

  14. this is da most relatable shi ive seen in my life i do it with tv shows too

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