1. Oh shit, all I see here is 11 and 2. Hope we don’t lose this weekend now.

  2. Was about to take a drive over, is it packed?

  3. yeah I was there around the time it opened (5 PM) and the line went from the backyard of the house, out the front gate, and around the corner. I was with my wife and 1 year old baby so I didn’t have that kind of willpower to wait in that with them LOL. I know it ends at 10 PM so maybe it isn’t that bad anymore.

  4. Next level shit from Ronnie and the team

  5. If you like dark souls and rpgs like this then probably get elden ring. But Witcher and rdr2 are both fantastic games. Horizon zero dawn is generic and mediocre in my opinion but do whatever makes you happy. It just depends on what you’re looking for, if you’re looking for something more combat focused then get elden ring, if you’re looking for a game that heavily revolves around the story and has a great story then get rdr2, if you’re looking for a very well rounded game that covers both of these aspects well and is still fantastic, then get Witcher 3. I personally think that Witcher is the safe bet here so I would recommend that you go with that.

  6. they already mentioned in their original post that Elden Ring is one of their favorite games of all times… I agree with you on Witcher 3!

  7. people actually bought this…..

  8. I know. I am more curious to hear if anyone here bought them and if so, how are they. There are a couple of sizes sold out so SOMEONE must have bought some haha

  9. go down a size , i went my regular size but they go all the way to my ankles

  10. It's certainly not unrealistic.

  11. well I wouldn’t say better but the Vikings kind of worry me (never thought I’d say that)

  12. me too… only $200 on the Super Bowl… $500 for NFC East….. and recently $100 for Jalen Hurts MVP…

  13. this guy actually makes these signs for every game I think and hey we are 11-1 haha I guess the only time his sign didn’t work was for Washington

  14. sorry buddy I already left my home for the weekend and truthfully I may not open it until I get it graded but there are no images of Eminem inside the comic FYI, he is only on the cover. inside the comic is just a normal Spider-Man comic story.

  15. You are shocked that Dallas fans live in Dallas?

  16. you're just as big a reason for social media being toxic because you argued with him as well.

  17. yeah I am realizing that now. I am getting roasted in these comments by some but that’s okay I’ll take it lol I deserve it

  18. you’re right. I never stoop to this level but this just got me mad that people are actually this dumb. I have to just keep scrolling next time LOL.

  19. what did you think about Enid as a wolf? I thought the pink hair on the wolf was a little silly 😂 but that’s ok

  20. if we win this game they’ll say we beat an injured Green Bay… if we lose they’ll say we lost to Jordan Love.

  21. I can already see what the haters are going to say after this game - the Eagles beat the Packers with an injured Aaron Rodgers!!!

  22. Such coincidence. Just installed the strip an hour ago. Just follow your rebel instinct and install the thing. It will work if you want to. Though part is installing the cam if you buy the gaming light kit. But it can be done!

  23. I installed the Govee DreamView G1 Pro H604A.

  24. the NFL has to do something about these missed penalties.. that was clearly a facemask on Jones that last drive.

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