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  1. I swear my friend’s dog does this too when I smoke at their place! I think they know high people give out lots of pets and come running accordingly when they smell it lol

  2. I definitely give lots and lots of pets. They know what’s good I guess

  3. Catnip and cannabis share some plant lineage; maybe he knows you're getting high! You should give him some nip and get stoned together.

  4. Hmm thank you for this knowledge… I need some now lmao

  5. I am so over the inequality in medical treatment for realllll. It feels like a hopeless cause sometimes

  6. It’s not hopeless. As angry and as hurt as I am about the system I know there are good doctors and nurses out there who do treat with equality in mind. I have yet to find one for this issue, but so many individuals already have, based on this thread, so I know it can be done. Be blessed, my heart is with you.

  7. Very true. I had a long stay in the hospital and I have nothing bad to say about any nurses or main doctors. I guess I just wish there were an easy way to fix it.

  8. mmm hard tack christmas candy (with the powdered sugar)

  9. For those who may not be aware, Judge Dorow is presiding over the Darrell Brooks trail, the man who "allegedly" drove his SUV through a Christmas Parade last year. Brooks is a "sovereign citizen" representing himself in court. It has been a complete circus. He has disrespected her, the other lawyers, all of the witnesses, and pretty much everyone in the courtroom. He yells, interrupts, glares, pounds on the table, and one day even took off his clothes.

  10. Oh goodness. My old boss claimed she was a sovereign citizen, fair to say it didn't end well...

  11. Same sort of thing happened to me. Just thought I had back pain and then it went south fast. You’ve got this <3

  12. It’s only missing a walker thrown straight through the window

  13. Even if there isn’t an exotic vet nearby, he needs to see a vet to get this sorted and prevent blindness. It’s very easy to accidentally injure your animal when it comes to stuck shed, especially in the eye area. Plus, it will get you a baseline on his health. An exotic vet should be the first thing you look into before you get any exotic pet, just for future reference. If he continues to have issues with his eyes/skin, it may be a vitamin A deficiency issue. Good luck with your geck!

  14. Thank you I appreciate it :)! My friend did offer to drive me so it’s definitely not impossible lol, I just suppose subconscious me didn’t want to be an inconvenience and that I’d fix it myself.

  15. I totally get trying to fix it yourself first. A lot of gecko shedding issues can be solved with a bit of at-home intervention. But eye issues are just one of those things where it’s better to have a vet do it (:

  16. Yeah, I can’t say I would want my mom all up in my eyes if it were me lol

  17. Oh gosh. I'm depressed, but not that bad. I would never get a diet drink, BLEUGH. Oh, they're from a candy store chain in Sweden. Hemmakväll is the name. They're normally not named anything specific, lol. Essentially like "watermelon gumball" or similar. I've normally been able to find them in the candy shop vs just going to a grocery shop. I'm sorry I can't be more of a help. 😅

  18. Heyyyyy what’s with the diet coke hate :( I live eat and breathe that lovely liquid lmaoo

  19. Lol, as long as you enjoy it. It personally taste like flat sugar water to me. Not like that this one was different because it was flat too. 😭

  20. I totally get that lmao. Sometimes it’s delicious and sometimes it is so awful and artificial tasting, like it’s potential herbicide.

  21. I put my headphones on and play on my expansive sims universe. I don’t think that’s healthy though. Buutttt, I do get to pretend to be a wizard :)

  22. Yes it will get you there. Do yourself a favor, don't weigh yourself for 3 weeks. Be consistent with your diet and walk and trust me. You'll see the results. The scale doesn't mean anything

  23. Just came here to say this lol. I got weighed at the doctors and I hated it so I tried to improve myself without stressing and then burning out and a month later at another appt I dropped like 9 ish pounds. I was kinda amazed lol. You got this :)

  24. That's great yes. The scale only shows weight loss in the beginning as it's water weight, dropping 9 lbs every month consistently isn't possible as weight loss decreases and becomes harder as you progress

  25. Shhhh just let me live in my fantasy land 😂 I realize that, I’ve just been bigger my whole life and I’ve struggled so much with it until I quit over thinking it. I’m not good with words.

  26. For a while I would wake up to what sounded like a lot of whispers. I think once or twice I woke up to just one saying my name. So weird and it never happened again and I can’t think of anything going on around that time that would make it make sense

  27. I had my joycons in vinyl wrap and it held up really well. You could peel it up and stick it back down with no problem.

  28. Honestly, I feel you. I've been struggling to keep my head above water, and sometimes I don't want to. You're not alone in that, and it's okay to be negative sometimes, makes feeling positive feel more real and alive in a way.

  29. i love anime like cells at work and kemono friends, but my hyperfixations/special interests are central asian countries. i've never met someone who's based and shares interests with me and i also probably would gatekeep my hyperfixations so

  30. I’ve never heard of those animes, I am a pretty casual anime watcher though so I only have heard of the more popular ones ig. I’ll have to look at them. Also I’ve never heard anyone say they like central Asian countries, that’s pretty unique. Would that be like the -stans?

  31. I never watched it but I remember being in middle school and seeing so much stuff about being a “Superwholockian” hahah. I’ll have to check out a couple episodes :)

  32. As a cancer survivor and newly disabled person, I absolutely despise people using those two things as their arguments. Cancer curing baby? Could also be genocide causing baby. Do not use my diagnosis as your buzzword, or "eugenics" as your gotcha moment. Spending all of my time in the Children's hospital and being a frequent ICU visitor really showed how much hurt surrounds the children and parents. I won't say morally-questionable disability-selective abortions don't happen, because they do, but going through with birthing a baby that won't have a quality of life is not wrong. Not to mention disabled people are horribly oppressed but no one seems to care about their lives, just their births.

  33. Where I'm from (BFE), the same people telling girls that they need to speak up when they are assaulted are the same people that say women are just falsely accusing men. Also just not realizing that coming out about that is so very hard with victims' fear and all of the judgments people throw around. And rape isn't always as clear cut as some people think. Which is so irritating. So very irritating. I just can't believe that women are of little value to some people.

  34. I’m so sorry to hear this. I don’t know what kind of cancer your friend has, or where his tumors are, but I had a death sentence with a rare super-resistant tumor, which usually happens to people with NF-1 (I’ve spoke to a guy who had it. And he’s had so many tumors both benign and cancerous removed, all over) which is probably something you don’t want to think about, but I guess my point is absolutely nothing is concrete!! Nothing at all!!! I would say just try to make the best of things, (although you are definitely allowed to feel upset, don’t bottle it up). I would just spend as much time with your friend as you can. Play favorite games, do something spontaneous, eat something special together, watch something funny, go somewhere new. Make sure your friend is taking good care of himself. Take it day by day. Being faced with a bad diagnosis sucks, and making the best of it worked for me. (also I hope I don’t come off wrong, I cope with humor and I’m bad at social cues. Mostly too I wasn’t in your position.) Much love and well wishes <3

  35. He has already had surgery’s on his spine and they came back and basically multiplied

  36. God that's awful I'm sorry I dont even have words. I wish your friend the best, and I'd give my good luck up for him if I could.

  37. Chbosky on some level had to be influenced by Michael Chabon’s {{The Mysteries of Pittsburgh}} the movie is unwatchable, but you’re welcome to it. {{Wonder Boys}} was a much better movie, and that book is quite good too.

  38. Pittsburgh is like a car wreck to me. Awful but I can’t look away. I’ll probably still check it out when I get time. Thank you :)

  39. It’s been there since I was little (googling am i gay quizzes lmfao) but the moment it sank in was when I was 15 watching Orange is the New Black with my shitty boyfriend and I wished a girl would take his place.

  40. Thanks for this! Can I get some more insight on this? My father has been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer that has spread to his bones. I’m looking to incorporate CBD/weed oil into his ‘life’ for when he starts treatments and chemo. I can tell you 100% he will not smoke marijuana so that isn’t even an option but I can persuade him into other options. What did you take and how much? Throw anything and everything at me, please!

  41. Okay so... I'm going to talk about medical marijuana first just for context. The only products at my store that aren't for smoking are topicals like lotion, tinctures (haven't tried), edibles (just capsules), and extract. A lot of the extract is made for smoking, Rick Simpson oil is the only one I've tried that isn't for smoking (literally like tar, you only need a little bit). It was made by a skin cancer patient. If you ever get your hands on it, it's really good for cancer related issues, and it usually has a high CBD concentration which is great as well. The lotion made the nerves in my feet come back and start to fire, which may be a coincidence. I know lungs and bones don't get lotion, but I know a lot of strange things might arise because of treatment. I'm sure they have great CBD lotion out there if you'd need it. The chain I go to is

  42. I appreciate all of this! I legit live right next to a Curaleaf which I’m going to check out!

  43. They seem to really know your stuff. Hope they can give you some good help!! :)

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