1. I really loved the trailer, but then I noticed that the wheels were a missed opportunity since one of the beautiful parts of the shoe is the treads, there should have been colored variants for the wheels to better match the three different shoes. As some have said, for a decal it's not the best value for money, particularly considering you're probably also getting paid by nike to have these advertisements in the game. Cool idea, but you just didn't knock it out of the park this time.

  2. Maybe they could introduce *shine* tm. The first three games you use a new cosmetic item, it has a nice shiny clean *shine*. 10 credits to shine up old items.

  3. It's been a couple seasons since I've seen a shift from easier to rank up in extra modes to easier to rank up in vanilla. I can't tell you why they are doing this, but if I had to guess it would be to try and keep people away from extra modes because vanilla is their baby where esports live and they don't see extra modes as legitimate.

  4. I haven't seen anything like it. I can only hope that more seasons get produced.

  5. If you need someone to take your bamboo stick beatings for you, may I volunteer?

  6. You do you. I love to fly. There's no other feeling quite like it when you're up in the air with the ball. It's like a moment in the game when you can really have the ball to yourself. A kind of breakaway, if I could borrow a hockey term. You break away from the ground where all the other cars are and shove your car into the air full of speed and confidence. And when you score from from the air, just nothing else quite like it.

  7. They said not to worry. Alchemy will be its own thing on the side. But they've shoehorned it into every little crack and pore they can find. They even now have Alchemy rewards for end of season and Alchemy packs in the mastery pass. So egregiously shoveled into my face it pisses me off.

  8. I've stopped reporting ropers. It's not worth the inconvenience for me. There really should be a button in game to automatically report ropers. But that would be asking the devs to actually do their job so...

  9. Nope. Never. Rent alone is more than that. If you had your own place and were willing to eat very cheap every day you could survive on $100.

  10. Now who is going to make the post that says the Alchemy pass ISN'T worth it for non-alchemy players?

  11. Haven't look at it if the packs from the pass is all alchemy then don't think it's a good value from me. I already rated cosmetics at 0 since i don't really care about that.

  12. I like card styles but not for cards I 100% won't be playing.

  13. They also like to delete you accounts if they are inactive for long enough...

  14. I talked with Thai colleagues and friends and for them, those cables are more like a shame than a "charming feature"

  15. They are perfect perching places for the angels in the city of angels. Take them down and the angels will vacate the city.

  16. I buy games from steam because they have a nice shopping cart with a checkout area where I can review my desired purchases before actually pulling the trigger. Until Epic Games implements written user reviews, a shopping cart, a wallet, and user pages with profile photos I won't be spending a single baht on the store.

  17. They’re all a broken record on this. Thailand always insists on mutually contradictory outcomes. They want to be Singapore without doing anything to stamp out entrenched patronage or corruption.

  18. Imagine having to live within smelling distance of Donald Trump. Phew!

  19. Project Zomboid, Beautiful Desolation, Element TD, and Neoverse. I also purchased the Cuphead DLC as it was cheap even without a sale.

  20. If they were straight up tradeable. any reward you got (duplicate or nor) you could get something different. or buy some creds and get the exact one you want.

  21. I think though if they were tradable they would no longer be allowed to be random (loot box scenario). We'd have to see exactly what we're getting like the rocket pass items and I'd prefer to keep the rewards random as it's more fun that way.

  22. You dont pay money for them. doesnt seem to apply.

  23. I would agree with you, but making them tradable means that technically people can and will trade what amounts to real world value for them. I mean, I can't say that it applies 100% but it's a consideration. I don't mind if they could stay random. I actually really miss random rocket pass rewards and would hate for the same to happen to tourney rewards.

  24. Any suggestions for how to pronounce leauge? I'm thinking lay-yooje.

  25. The bear: These Americans. They think they can bring their money sucking machines into our country and suck all of our money out of country. Don't they know? We worked hard to get their moneys. We're not gonna let them suck it from us that easily.

  26. Such a young age to peak. My condolences. Hopefully the effects are only subconscious.

  27. May have to wait for it to be a thing in real life first...

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