1. Then why haven't they now that's it clear that NATO is writing Ukraine a blank check and they're retaking ground.

  2. There would be no war, russia would back down immediately.

  3. You're way too confident about something that could easily result in a nuclear exchange. Regardless of the context, Ukraine being part of NATO will drag NATO into a direct war.

  4. If he can hold them, which he won't. Logistics is literally half the reason Russia lost this war, even accounting for all of NATO's help and the sanctions, and I don't see how hundreds of thousands of pissed off drafted soldiers is going to correct that.

  5. If it's really a 2 and a half hour film, I'm so down. I hope it's a fantastic Black Panther movie, though I hope Shuri doesn't stay BP in the next film...

  6. She absolutely will. There's no point in making her Black Panther in WF and then swapping her out with...who? Especially if she's received well.

  7. Multiple confirmations? What? Follow ups said there is NOT phosphine on Venus.

  8. Yeah, I'm confused. They claimed there was and then it turned out that they'd made an error and it either couldn't be found or it was at a much lower concentration that allowed for non-life causes. Guess this probe is to resolve it.

  9. Just bizarre. She looks Irish and has a small Irish lilt even when she's speaking English, so why make her Canadian when the fanon was that she was Irish? At least make her say "aboot" at least once.

  10. I've always thought of light rail as being targeted at a corridor in such a way that the 400m zones overlap significantly and the whole corridor gets denser. The model you're describing with feeder buses and wide station spacing is closer to what I'd use heavy rail (regional rail or express subways) for. I'm also not really a huge fan of laying out your bus systems as hub-and-spoke if you can avoid it because it forces a lot of in-area travel paths to be a lot longer and more annoying. I honestly envision light rail functioning like a high-capacity, fast limited-stop bus along a corridor for the most part, and then have grid-type bus service around the corridor.

  11. Can a light rail type system with dedicated lanes, signal priority, and limited grade separation do the work of a metro?

  12. Calgary makes their downtown parking much more expensive than other North American cities, so people leave their cars at the suburban LRT stations and ride into Downtown.

  13. rsp should be familiar with this kind of racism. whenever there is a thread about different races we see similar descriptors. even on parts of reddit with less free speech it's not unusual to see people commenting on the traits of different cultures.

  14. There's a difference between saying "black people really like basketball" versus saying, "the Indonesian is a hardy breed, docile yet inventive...". I'm not surprised though, because Chinese people are as a group probably the most consistently unapologetically racist and colorist people I've ever met.

  15. If space colonization really gets going, and that's a big "if", then I can see the Catholic Church putting some sort of formal structure in place about how the rest of the Sol System would be divided, probably based on how many people live there. Or there's a soft schism where the space based congregations form their own Diocese.

  16. Well, it's basically just a donut, spinning to produce partial gravity, with the sides slanted to align with the combination of spin and mass gravity.

  17. Do you think we'll see a planet spin gravity habitat before a space habitat?

  18. Probably not. LEO is the closest place to get to, and unless moon gravity turns out to be nearly as unhealthy as 0g, there may not be motivation.

  19. To me it seems like the health effects of low gravity will exist on a slide scale of 0 - 1 g, and so 0.16 g will probably be fairly suboptimal for long term stay. If we ever want a large group of people or families on the moon, we may need some sort of spin gravity.

  20. For real, I can't believe people are willing to give up living on space stations made to look like Hawaii (powered by free solar energy) to live on planets which may not even have Earth-level gravity and be far away from the sun and earth just because it's a planet.

  21. A space habitat could certainly be bespoke, but keep in mind that most of the technology that we can use on a cylinder or torus to make it luxurious can be used even better on Earth because you don't have to worry about life support systems or overpopulation. I can easily see a scenario where quality of life on Earth is better than that of the average space habitat for normal people.


  23. The Expanse has an asteroid belt pidgin and diverse culture!

  24. Mainly because these correlate with very different IRL experiences men and women have. Context matters.

  25. But past a point it doesn't, otherwise you're always going to be "re-balancing the scales" wrt sexualization. And women aren't sexualized much at all wrt men, and when they are, it's women agreeing to and profiting from it.

  26. Inflation is already here, and it will only increase UNLESS there is a tightening of the money supply thru basis point hikes. There is NO OTHER WAY to combat inflation, I truly wish there was but that is the reality.

  27. The Fed is literally decimating many older workers' retirement plans with this. My mom has lost 10,000 dollars since this rate hike frenzy began, and she's relatively well off. What about people worse off than her and will need assistance from the Feds or will have reduced consumption later on? Does that not also impact the economy?

  28. I’d say the root cause of that would be Russia going to war on a country neighboring NATO territory. Of course the US is going to be monitoring the war that’s going on. And we never said we wouldn’t supply Ukraine with information and we never said we would stop supplying arms to Ukraine because Russia invaded. Maybe Russia should have verified the effects before rushing headlong into a war.

  29. Risking a nuclear war over a non-allied state is absolute folly. And I don't think Russia will use a nuke, nor invade a NATO country if they get their slice of Ukraine, nor is NATO currently at war against Russia. But supplying arms, intelligence, cash, and training to Ukrainian forces is getting awfully close to the line of direct conflict.

  30. And their was absolutely 0 risk of NATO invading Russia.. Also sovereign countries can decide individually how they react to current conflicts NATO is not the end all be all.. If the US decided that Ukraine is worth helping out its completely within our rights to decide that. We decided that in 2014 Russia should not be allowed to take whatever they want by force so we started supplying arms to Ukraine.. why Russia thought we would stop is an extreme miscalculation that will put the whole world at risk. We don’t play by Russian rules they wanted a nice easy land grab again but everyone is tired of backing down and giving in. I promise if Russia decided to go back to 2014 borders and pull out its troops the risk to everyone is way lower.

  31. It makes perfect sense by what you just said. But I'd say that this concerns America far less than it concerns Russia and Ukraine, so it's on them to deescalate if they genuinely think that Putin is mad enough to pursue nuclear warfare. If he isn't, and I don't think he is at all, then there's little danger to risk if America amps up the support.

  32. This is not a civil war. If they want it to be they should try to take off Putin, then maybe we'll consider that there is some russian to be saved. Until then, they are just trying to flee their responsibilities in both way.

  33. The more people that successfully flee, the more people will try to flee, the less successful the mobilization will be in Russia, and there will be more Russians able to freely speak out against Putin and the war. Gotta think strategically and not just turn your anger on all 144 million Russians.

  34. The more they interact the more I think married Beth is the real deal.

  35. Space Beth has a picture of her family on her spaceship and the camera makes sure to focus on it. Maybe she's real? Why would a clone specifically meant to be the wild idgaf one have a picture unless she felt guilty about leaving her family?

  36. Not following referendum announce, it has no impact on stock market.

  37. Isn't that straight up robbery on America's part? I get the irony of me saying that when Russia invaded Ukraine, but those stocks are owned by Russia even if they're in American dollars.

  38. I've seen it referred to as "solid" sci fi. Relatively grounded, but more willing to in-universe stretch the rules of what's possible.

  39. Third rail also means you need to take extra precautions to keep people away from the track bed.

  40. I'm not super concerned with animal deaths wrt third rail, in part because I've seen anything on any tracks in multiple city metros. Also, putting an insulating cover over a third rail or making it bottom contact will take care of the bulk of the safety issues.

  41. I wish that third rail was more efficient so we could tear them down. They're more expensive to install and maintain and require heavier and more expensive vehicles. And they aestheticaly don't look all that great.

  42. People on this sub really like the idea of regional rail being made effectively rapid transit. Is the South Shore/Philly Regional Rail/Denver RTD stock appropriate for rapid transit-like duties?

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