1. I am so torn.. should I move to your town, or hop a plane to a country on the opposite side of the world.

  2. Go ahead if you want to risk it, but there's no way in hell I'm going back out there. I'll just stick to the butcher.


  4. I have two only because my family doesn’t know which one to use

  5. yeah! we're all super scatterbrained, and it makes sense to us to just put shit in the drawer.

  6. male and female marbled crabs can be differentiated by looking at the abdomen

  7. it's almost like there's a difference between being consensually and nonconsensually sexualized or something...

  8. It’s strange. Most atheists I know in real life are some of the most chill live-and-let-live types I’ve met. The ones I encounter on Reddit meanwhile insist religion is responsible for the dark ages, slavery, and their milk expiring.

  9. god unplugged my fridge and im about to make that everyone's problem

  10. yeah, that's pretty much it. the "control" part was in reference to the christian cults with which im intimately familiar, not in reference to moral and ethical guides provided by religion. well-put, much better than i could have said it.

  11. im loving the implication that she may have a front-facing asshole

  12. i am realizing once again how passionately i care about oxford commas

  13. Drowning. The smell of burning flesh is not the last thing I want to be aware of while I'm dying.

  14. Retroactively canonizing the lore of the Bible in your D&D comedy podcast via making your Christ-figure an actual representation of Christ is an expert move, actually

  15. This is why I don't have a lot of the anger that many exmos have; my mom was and is a devout TBM and we had an absolutely loving household growing up. We often subsisted on Deseret food that we "earned" by volunteering at the bishop's storehouse.(not required, but it was the right thing to do)

  16. Yeah, my siblings also grew up eating food from the Bishop's Storehouse. That's always going to be a tender part of the church for me.

  17. Tf? Duh that's applicable to every post on this sub and its sibling subs (

  18. never fucking mind dude. im too tired to elaborate. fucking ignore me.

  19. There are definitely left-wing ones but they're usually woo-woo center-lefties and are VASTLY outnumbered by right-wing antivaxxers.

  20. If I recall correctly, it got redacted. Which is wild because, for a long time, the whole Mormons In Space thing was what kept me in.

  21. TBH, that does kind of make sense. My family also spoiled the shit out of the missionaries that lived near us. They hated moving on when the time came; a lot of them, Mormons and Exmos alike, still stay in touch and talk about our cooking.

  22. thought that said "wormoid," which would actually be based as hell

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