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  1. I'm going to sum up everyone's comment here. Your genes and environment have crafted you into a desirable looking person for further procreation, Merry Christmas!

  2. Ew. When you word it like that it makes it sound gross

  3. This is the biggest Reddit moment of all the Reddit moments

  4. what do you even need to do to get such a scarred expression out of demo

  5. Why coat him with piss and set him on fire, of course

  6. Gonna see this on Saturday. Why do you think everyone should see it? Is it just really good or what?

  7. You should upload these to TMDB to use on your account, would be cool

  8. In Seinfeld, i hated Kramer, with a passion

  9. Note to self: don't scroll on Reddit while eating

  10. Tf2 brings upon the extremists of the world

  11. Fellini, Hitchcock, Ozu, Bergman, Tati, Kurosawa, Chaplin, Wong Kar-Wai, and Linklater are all directors I have yet to fully dive into that I have interest in. It’s like every filmbro director basically which is kind of funny.

  12. Hey don't disrespect Linklater like that. He's not filmbro

  13. The fact that THIS is worth writing an article about really says something about modern day journalism

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