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  1. They probably hate leaving their house

  2. That's exactly my dream setup if you put one more crash in the middle. What software do you use to record?

  3. These tats colorings are starting to get out of hand

  4. It’s not arbitrary. Not to sound like a bootlicker but it’s obvious he just wanted to give them a little lesson on obeying traffic signs, he didn’t have time to give out 15 tickets. But giving out one ticket? Sure, and the guy was obviously clocked as part of the group. So why not give out one ticket which will then incentivize the rest of the group to pay more attention at traffic signals. Seems like less of arbitrary and more like planned community policing.

  5. ok you're right maylene and the sons of disaster are pretty good but broadly speaking the south is cringe so of course the music is

  6. I just don't think Pantera falls into southern rock. Just listened to maylene tho so thanks for someone new to check out.

  7. Maylene is extremely good. Kind of cringey Christian at times but that was the scene at the time and not totally overt. You might also like He is Legend if you like that sort of thing; they also have an ostensibly "southern" sound at times. However, both bands early albums are a lot better than their newer ones.

  8. I don't she shouldn't have even tried that she's not good enough lol

  9. Just now realizing Saitama is wearing Crocs lol

  10. This is a top tier post. I thought the No was coming on two separate occasions before it actually did

  11. If you said this before the season it would have been a totally different joke. Proud of our hawks.

  12. 10/10!! This is what passion looks like!

  13. I’m not going to lie, that’s the biggest and coolest electric drum set

  14. Lol glad you like it! A lot of the pads are going out on me she is on her last leg.

  15. Can someone explain why the vote just happens over and over again? And why is no one talking about the other guy who keeps winning these elections? I am out of the loop here.

  16. Nah, season 3 was really pushing it, def felt like they were running out if inspiration. GOT had 2 good seasons, take it or leave it.

  17. The show actually just entirely sucks and ned stark was a traitor

  18. Yooo I totally forgot about this weird ass show lol I always thought the green guy was the coolest.

  19. People obv have not heard of dylon the fire spitter

  20. Thanks for the thoughtful response. What was ur first COD game?

  21. First I ever played was black ops at a friends house

  22. It's weird to me that some people didn't even play modwa 1 or 2. I started with the original call of duty and I feel old lol

  23. Sober Steve only talks about 2 things. Sobriety, and how himself.

  24. I mean being sober and thinking about himself did save his life. Can't blame him for continuing the good habits.

  25. Anyone know where this is? It looks like a bridge in northbend/Snoqualmie Washington that people climb and jump off all the time.

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