1. Have you secured accomodations ? The hardest part of moving to Paris is finding a place to rent, and it is extra difficult for foreigners.

  2. yes I will be staying with a friend for the first while then will move in with a cousin of mine

  3. Because the tune is in d minor there is no C sharp in d minor. Therefore to make a dominant chord on A you’d need to raise C natural to C#. The c is the note that’s altered, not the D. As long as you understand the function and motivations of the progression it doesn’t matter what you call it, but one enharmonic note most often makes more sense than another

  4. but the tune is in A minor, hence the E7 going to A-

  5. You’re correct, my bad. The reasoning is still the same. C is the third in an A minor chord. It could be C# and still be A a chord ( it’s major with C#). The c is the note that’s being altered. In your chart, since the previous chord is D, the Db chord makes less sense because it is a New sound, not an alteration of what came before it. That make any sense?

  6. I know this will seem basic but for the non functional chords like the ii - V, you might want to find the common notes and play around with your rhythm.

  7. this is amazing, though I do not fully understand why he would put his guitar into the soundcard. Why would he not go into the amp, and have an output from the soundcard into the effects loop

  8. i do agree, but I also would say that i need an amp for the sake of gigging, and personally I do prefer the sound of an amplifier

  9. Weed is not great for the heart and cariovascular system - it affects some people more than others. I only smoke occasionally now because of this reason. It increases blood pressure and if you have a family history of heart disease it can exacerbate these issues.

  10. I do have a family history of heart problems.

  11. This is really nice. Where did you get the inspiration for the grid? Or how did you create it?

  12. Bruh its common knowledge second u use TOR you on a watchlist I would recommend tails

  13. It does make sense but i wouldnt say its common knowledge. It is maybe if you happen to have a natural interest for tech and computers

  14. Oh my bad lol I wasn’t really talking to you more of the comments talking abt TOR it’s a great clear net browser don’t get me wrong but it’s not gonna help you be completely untraceable.To be fully ghost is a fucking task my friend that costs a lot of money and research.I would recommend you buy Tails USB its a really good foundation if you will to start off with.Pretty straight forward it comes with instructions on how to get started.

  15. luckily ive been french educated for most of my life so it won't be an issue

  16. Sorry but how do you get a white on white sugar cube? Your not using that term correctly, or better whoever sold it to you isn't and you don't want them making you look like you don't know what your saying. White on white refers to acid on white blotter paper. Typically purist only use white paper and the white tabs you find will be thicker and better for absorbing. Ask anyone how good wow tabs are.

  17. Yess thanks for clarification. As far as im concerned, this specific blotter we got is named white on white as an ode to that specific method you just said. We got it from I think from the Netherlands.

  18. 8 hours later definitely means it was cut with some sort of amphetamine but even an amphetamine shouldn't last that long. Just drink some water, lay down, calm your thoughts and you should be fine

  19. Alls good man, tried to meditate, had a weird ass lucid dream. Im thinking it might be amphetamines because man am I still wide awake.

  20. You could just get his car towed, or if you want to be a dick there is lot of things you can do but you have to be damn sure there are no cameras that will catch you. There’s a lot of little things you can’t do and some will hurt more than others. If you drain out most of his oil you will ruin his motor, however to may want to create a small to medium sized leak as well so oil gets everywhere and it doesn’t look sabotaged. Other things you can do are kinking a metal coolant line so his car overheats, putting a pin hole in a fuel line (this will be hard) under his car so he gets terrible fuel economy, put some water in is fuel every once In awhile so his car runs like shit and he takes it to shops frequently, put a small amount of sand in his oils so over time it wears his motor into garbage, clog his air filter, if he has aluminum rims buy stick on wheel weights and put them in his tire so his vehicle rides like garbage, super glue his windshield wiper motors, just put a random dent in his car, really the skies the limit, you just have to decide what you want to do that makes you happy and that won’t get you caught

  21. So many good options thank you kind man

  22. Lol we both are passive aggressive karens

  23. Boof that shit bruh

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