C - U - L - T

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  1. The DD is never wrong, there's no counter-DD but also the counter-DD... is the DD?

  2. Ken Griffin (1933), photographed before and after learning his photographer was an ape.

  3. I get the same thing when I tell my friends I'm a meltie.

  4. Really? My friends cheer and compliment me

  5. Wojak Ken is so handsome. I wonder what he smells like.

  6. In his infinite goodness he let me shine his shoes from time to time. He smells like money and winning.

  7. First you spoil us with squidward, then you lavish us with wojacks, now you jerk us to completion with He Man? You're too good to us, pandoracam.

  8. As always it's my pleasure, friend. I'm glad you enjoy it

  9. I almost tried, but then remembered my gaming rig got hit by lightning a cpl days ago lol..( dint wana be greedy) what was the game?

  10. To be fair it sounds like the kind of bullshit I would write

  11. The ape is shilling in gaming subs constantly and came here brigading today. Just a regarded ape

  12. These people live in a movie projected in their head

  13. Can someone dm me the profile? I NEED to see the posting history. I don’t believe this shit is true. No way can someone be this fucking retarded. And making her kids life a misery. someone call cps

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