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  1. Uhg I can’t stand them, but my kids treat them like they are the finest delicacies.

  2. I would try to keep your weight on the left foot more, open your club face just a tad, for my pitching wedge, I try a shorter backswing, like a “3 to 9” swing…

  3. Do you make sure you have a free preview before you post?

  4. I did note that some creators were noticing their FYP posts weren’t getting seen either, it seems as though those creators who post more frequently show up more often, I’d also be curious to know what kind of tags you are using, and what type of algorithm fansly is using to push posts to the FYP.

  5. But some people are even calling a 22 year old dating an 18 or 19 year old creepy. I mean yeah its wrong if the older person is 25 or older and going for 18 or 19 but 22 and 19 is only 3 year age gap both in college. I am a guy who turned 22 several weeks ago and I really like a girl in my college who is 18 turning 19 next month and I really like her and wanna ask her out on Valentines Day but I am scared that people might judge me.

  6. I think you should go for it if the feelings are mutual. People need to get off their high horses and understand what a “cohort” is.

  7. No. There is a misconception that weed was weak before we started to engineer it. That is simply false, it was weak in the 60s/70s/80s/90s because we got trash weed. If you look into the landrace strains that grow naturally in Africa you will find that many are actually quite potetent

  8. Not to mention tolerance buildup can also make some strains seem weaker than others. I remember when I first started, it was all Reggie and occasionally some mid, but we still were up in the clouds. Once you start smoking that good, cultivated stuff, there’s no going back.

  9. That’s probably something they noted. Lol

  10. As a nsfw mod, I've found automoderator to be invaluable. Specifically, they added a feature recently that lets you handle posts based on a user's karma in your subreddit. I have a rule that filters posts by users with less than a certain amount of comment karma in my subreddit. This has pretty much eliminated spam posts in

  11. I need to set up a bot like this, too many false flags.

  12. With a name missing, it’s hard to tell if the name should be on top of their image or below. Either way they were made up, what is really making me curious is what kind of equipment did they use to get these images.

  13. That last one is a hard pass huge opening omg ! I’ve been saying this for years guys are different sizes and women . There are women out here talking about little dick guys when really they probably have a huge vagina lol

  14. Size is measurable, not subjective, average penis size is 5.5 inches, if a penis is under 5.5 inches, it is considered small.

  15. As a mom, I approve this message. Where do I sign up for one?

  16. I use rubbing alcohol and salt, and then shake it.

  17. My heart is broken over these assumptions.

  18. When you look at it on desktop, it tells you what happened:

  19. Thank you, I was on mobile when I was searching for it.

  20. It’s not easy though, any cam girl/creator can verify that.

  21. I agree, tho it might be an unpopular idea, but managing social media, editing, learning to take good pictures and videos, ilumination, sound etc it’s a lot of work. Also the fact that there is so much offer makes very difficult to stick out

  22. It does, not to mention dealing with the public in a customer service role.

  23. I real man of value does not base their feelings for a woman over some misinformed “pre-qualifications” mature people don’t even ask this question, because it doesn’t matter how many people you have been with. This concept that has been permeating the male psyche comes from internet con men like the Tate brothers and other misogynists.

  24. Wow you’re being really rude. I said it “looked” like there was no damage. No need for name calling. Sorry that your car was deemed totaled. I highly doubt this driver made a claim to their insurance company for this incident, so we will never know what kind of damage happened to their car after this. Have a good day.

  25. You can't tell cause of video quality. But you know there's damage to the car cause as I was used as a battle ram.

  26. The world would be a better place if people were even a tiny bit kinder, instead of condescending and neglecting the original context of the comment along with the clear satire of my statement. Plus you assuming that the car that was pushing another car at low speed is going to cause the same amount of structural damage that happened to your car getting hit head on, shows how little you know about automobile physics and differences between makes and models of cars. You choose to take someone’s joke about the car just driving off as if nothing happened, as an opportunity to call someone an idiot. What a shame your mother must feel, about your manners.

  27. I love how these posts basically turn into golf geoguessr lol

  28. I was about to answer the first person who asked where, but then I was quite entertained by all the guesses that started coming in, so I waited, took 5 hrs for someone to guess the correct answer, and now I have a list of other golf courses to explore.

  29. It needed to go, it was such a ridiculous process that didn’t actually help the work get done.

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