1. You know what? All things considered, it isn’t too bad

  2. Wait, based on that image you linked in another reply this totally looks like it could be some sort of tour documentary/recording!!! Omg!!!

  3. Some combos I like off the top of my head;

  4. Please, please keep doing these! They’re phenomenal!

  5. It would’ve definitely made it more unique. I do like the crest they went for in its own right though, I like the detailing of it and it has some great patterns. I have very mixed feelings on this topic because I love the Prehistoric Planet Barb but I also love the Frontier design for the Barb lol

  6. I get where people are coming from when they say Frontier could’ve gone for a more unique pterosaur (I would’ve loved an azhdarchid) but I am obsessed with the Barbaridactylus design, it’s honestly already one of my favourite pterosaurs in the game. This pack is just all-round hits!

  7. It's nice having Barbaridactylus after seeing it in Prehistoric Planet, though I wish they'd included the little detail of removing the wing fingers; that's a tiny nitpick, though. I'm not bothered by the head sail, it's one possible interpretation of what its ornamentation was like in life. As for the other three, I love them all - only recently I mentioned wanting a megaraptoran, and now we've got Australovenator, with a beautiful skin pattern! I especially adore Styxosaurus (my favourite plesiosaur irl, so yay to having it in-game!), its design is funky and unique and I can't wait to fill a lagoon full of bioluminescent ones in as many colour options as they'll give us. Alamosaurus is also gorgeous, I have no complaints whatsoever about its design; it's actually a bit more in-line with more recent depictive trends for sauropods, while still looking JW-esque.

  8. Oh my god, I forgot that Barbaridactylus wasn’t meant to have the extra fingers - that detail would’ve made the pack perfect :(

  9. I actually love the Styxosaurus design, it’s so cool!!!


  11. I’ve been waiting for Australovenator ever since the first reveal of the Australian dig site way back in the leadup to the release of JWE 1!!! So exciting!!!!!

  12. I might be wrong, but I would’ve thought the ceratopsid farm scene at the beginning of JWD would fall under the “dinosaur stampede” cliche.

  13. Pretty sure what we hear as “beeping” is actually part of a repeated rising arpeggio in the flute/piccolo. We just hear the top note more clearly as it pierces through the texture, the song is credited as including a flute so I’m pretty sure that’s what it is.

  14. Max’s death made me cry more than anything. (Obviously she isn’t dead, but in the moment when she was.) It made me so upset that I was actively not enjoying it and almost had to turn it off. Obviously that was kind of an extreme reaction and I’ve spent the past few days figuring out why I reacted so viscerally to that scene, and I think it’s because of how deeply I see myself in her struggle with mental health.

  15. “This fictional book sucks, because the author didn’t do it the way I would have done it”

  16. This. This + another pterosaur with pycnofibres (maybe Caviramus or Hatzegopteryx) would be a perfect pack.

  17. I quite like the Dominion designs but I have to admit this made me laugh

  18. Reminds me of the holding pen beside the portal in Prehistoric Park!

  19. God, I really hope Frontier listens to us and not only adds the missing Atrociraptor, Oviraptor, Lystrosaurus, Moros, and Microceratus, but also the variants for the Allosaurus, Carnotaurus and that stunning Iguanodon. It just feels wrong to not have them in-game when they're canon, on-screen animals from the film this game was meant to promote. Frontier ily pls give them to us lol

  20. Definitely one of the best trailers Frontier has ever put together for any JWE/JWE2 DLC. Can’t wait to get my hands on this after I finish my A level exams next week :,)

  21. This post is amazing. God, the marine reptiles would benefit SO MUCH from social and breaching animations. The breaching could be hard to implement as they'd have to change how the reptiles' AI interacts with the water's surface, but surely the framework for social animations is already there as marine reptiles already line up and engage with one another in fighting animations.

  22. I liked him, I liked that he wasn't a moustache-twirling Mr Evil, but rather the Jurassic franchise version of the truly scary billionaires who are destroying our planet in the real world.

  23. The funny thing about these people is that they'll never truly be able to enjoy anything because they will always be so hyper-focused on other people's opinions on things, and truly believe that their opinion is absolute fact. Grade-A narcissism. It actually makes me enjoy the movie just that little bit more than I already do knowing that my enjoyment of it is a source of baby-tantrum rage for these kinds of people.

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