1. Chichibu is another peated Japanese whisky, if memory serves me correctly. Haven't tried it, though.

  2. Give this year's Offerman Edition a shot from Lagavulin. I think Lagavulin, in general, is fairly light on the peat flavor and this one had a much more pronounced smokiness from the charred barrel.

  3. Very cool. I don't think the whisky has changed at all, but such a neat piece of history from a truly iconic distillery!

  4. For lighter peated styles I recommend Benriach The Smoky 12/10, Caol Ila 12, or Kilchoman Machir Bay.

  5. Is Caol Illa 12 light peated at aprox 35ppm? I Would say it.s rather medium peated.

  6. Compared to the majority of my cabinet it's rather tame, but I see your point.

  7. Significantly better than the 8-yr expression for just a few bucks more while also being better than the 16-year for considerably less. Haven't tried the Distiller's Edition/12-year, but Charred Oak is a good one.

  8. Black Art. Weller 12 for $7 is well below most bar prices.

  9. I see Weller on here all the time, I’ve never tried it, educate me? It’s a buffalo trace brand right?

  10. I have only ever tried the Special Reserve (green label) and Antique 107 (red). I wouldn't say either is a memorable pour, but I would 100% be trying the 12-year at that price.

  11. Overall: Not a Fan - Does not taste bad but very far from something I’d enjoy on the regular- I mostly drink 100+ proof Bourbon & Rye whisky & this is A solid 3.5 / 10 . Smells like Rubbing Alcohol.. not a very deep complex flavor . In My opinion a 20$ Bottle of Old Forester 100 Proof Bourbon absolutely blows this out of the water.

  12. I have seen like half a dozen new posts the past couple of days about the Single Barrel Barrel Proof. I'm not a fan of that stuff, either. It all drinks too hot. I get that it's higher Proof, but I have some Cask strength bottles that have no ethanol presence whatsoever.

  13. Got my first bottle of Kilchoman (also Machir Bay) last week. Not sure where it ranks amongst my peated offerings, but it is really good for a NAS whisky.

  14. Golf Channel isn't showing anything. Is this only available on Peacock?? What is this shit?

  15. Which would you suggest specifically?

  16. They wrote 1/2 OZ on the notes pages in the later images

  17. I don't subscribe to the "drink it how you enjoy it" mantra. I am of the opinion that you may not actually enjoy it if you need to hide the flavors. I don't put A1 steak sauce on steak because that would be an insult to whoever prepared it.

  18. As I’ve been asking a couple others commenting here, mind sharing some of your more reasonably priced go to bottles?

  19. Wild Turkey Rare Breed Bourbon. I believe there is no greater value in Bourbon currently in existence. I have been drinking mostly Scotch recently, however.

  20. I'm assuming you either didn't give them much direction on which to base their picks or you asked for a wide variety. Hope you enjoy them, and happy birthday!

  21. Leaves a lot to be desired. Plenty of better ryes on the market, although Sazerac is very affordable.

  22. Strong flex. Some really nice bottles you got there!

  23. Not a huge fan of the empty tubes up top, but really digging the setup otherwise. Beautiful wallpaper, and a nice selection of bottles inside. Those older Machrie Moor Cask Strengths are wonderful!

  24. Same exact situation for me! My store has had bottles on the shelf since march of last year. Barely any have moved except for the ones I’ve purchased. Just grabbed one tonight.

  25. If it and Larceny keep getting as much praise as they do that situation will change within the next year or two.

  26. Wow, that's amazing. It's hard to come by in my state of Ohio. I will grab a bottle anytime I can get my hands on one. Just curious, what state do you live in? Not that I'm going to drive/fly to your state, but its always interesting how some states have much more availability than others of a certain bottle.

  27. Mississippi. It can be very hit-or-miss when it comes to liquor down here. And depending on the brand the mark-up can be astronomical. Only seen one bottle of Jack Daniel's 10 or Coy Hill ever make it this far, and both sold for $500.

  28. I have only had the 10 and love it so really excited to try it. Unfortunately, I have pledged to stay of the alcohol for a month but something to look forward to 😅. I really want to try the sherry finish also. I need to try them all 🤣.

  29. Yep, Sherry Oak is one that has been on my wish list for a while. Never seen one available for purchase so I may have to go online if I am dead-set on getting some. Hope your month of sobriety goes well; You definitely have some nice bottles to return to in March!

  30. I think you are confusing the AAA 10-Star and the 10-YEAR. They used to sell a budget bottle that was remarkable from what people claim to recall, but their clever marketing team has replicated that bottle with the change of just one word in the hopes of fooling consumers $16 at a time.

  31. I’m not confused, I know this isn’t the 10 year bottle. If I wrote that in my review I’ll edit.

  32. Sorry, I misinterpreted one of your responses to another user about hearing people had liked it. Please disregard.

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