To protect the children, let’s make churches adults-only venues

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  1. You’d soon find yourself in the garden at Motel Hell.

  2. Because people think the movie will have something shameful about it, sensationalizing tragedy. But it bothers people because there’s something in it and its potential sensationalism that attracts many to this case in the first place. People anticipate that they will see the reflection of their desire or their morbid fascinations in the movie, and they don’t like what they think they might see.

  3. How exactly do these work? They explode overhead and send a scatter of thousand of intensely heated and burning metal balls? Or something that explodes again when they make contact? Sorry for my ignorance

  4. Wow. 11 dudes present. Reminds me of the interview that Jimmy Fratianno gave about the hit on Frank Borgia.

  5. Pretty clear self-defense. Unusual to see one so unequivocal

  6. Phillip Chism killing and raping his teacher in the high school bathroom in Massachusetts.

  7. I’ve seen this before but never noticed his bloody hands and pants

  8. The crazy thing is that that might make religion more attractive to kids, as another exclusive grown-up thing they can idealize

  9. Here is Natalie the Lawyer Chick (a public defender) and Emily D. Baker (former DA) talking about it

  10. I must not understand this form of media well. But just comparing this to a typical podcast episode or a YouTube video, is it odd that these videos are around 3 hours long?

  11. It reminds me of Dermatophyllum, though that’s endemic to SW US to North America. Used to be classed as Sophora, though the leaves of your plant differ from extant Sophora in S. America. Definitely Fabaceae.

  12. There is definitely a vegan pizza on their menu. I discounted Kaylee as the primary target within a few weeks and felt the Mad Greek was the key. He didn’t just wander into a house party on a another campus, especially with his self-professed issues. IMO, Maddie was the one he wanted and he recognized Xana when she was in the kitchen with her delivery order.

  13. I wonder if his intent was to sexually assault her but panicked when there were two. So he killed them both. Then when leaving he, as you said, ran into Xana. That would explain why she was on the floor and her boyfriend was in the bed.

  14. It would be the least shocking thing if the victims hair was found in his apartment. I say this as a woman who lives with a woman roommate and our hair sheds probably 1000x more then Murphy.

  15. Is “more than Murphy” a colloquial expression?

  16. Thanks. Me = dumb. I was prepared to use a new saying.

  17. She also needs to file some individual defamation suits

  18. And at the end of the day, it’s cheaper to hire your adjuncts as full time and, well, support your faculty

  19. So awesome. Are there any studies written about them?

  20. His face is every young guys worst nightmare for middle age.

  21. Had the unfortunate experience of being moved there in high school from Denver because my dad was opening a new hospital.

  22. On a whim, I looked up the name of a kid who bullied me in elementary school. First thing was a story of his arrest for the craziest thing. Dude had already been sent to jail for some other crime. When he showed up to serve his time, he got caught with a bag of meth taped under his nuts.

  23. I'm sorry that you were bullied in school. I know the feeling but I'm glad to hear you doing well now.

  24. Oh. I’m fine. But I still think about it and about the people. This guys not even the worse. I also found one of his friends, who was kinda his bully side-kick. He seems to be in and out of homelessness these days in Florida. As much as I hated them when I was a kid, these guys never had a chance. It’s sad.

  25. So, everyone on the bus just watched?

  26. She's not going to prison. The look on her face in that mug shot says it all, she knows she's gonna get away with it. My bet is time served and probation or house arrest.

  27. No. She’s going to get life. Attempted murder, hate crime, assault, etc., etc.

  28. So, is he basically a money launderer for international criminals. I wonder if he’ll end up being a lynchpin for a range of fraud among the GOP, where politicians’ campaigns are not simply financed in exchange for influence but are basically fees for cleaning some questionable dollars.

  29. I wonder how much she will get in the lawsuit or settlement. After all, she not only announced it several times but also presented her plan to the dept chair who approved. She did what she was supposed to do.

  30. It's not just getting fired for the class, but several professors, and admin, circulated emails calling the class Islamophobic as a matter of "Fact". There are many things you don't want to do if you fear getting sued for libel--expressing your opinion as "fact" is really high up there.

  31. So, she can sue the university and file a bunch of individual defamation suits. I so hope she does. So so so much.

  32. It’s a way universities try to play themselves off as valuing faculty governance. Those days are gone at most places. Instead we have traveling circus of clowns, I mean deans and provosts.

  33. What gets to me is the fact that the professor literally followed every step recommended: announcement in syllabus, to class, trigger warning with ample time, and yet the student STILL claims to have been "blindsided" what that means is that the student did not read the syllabus and wasn't paying attention to class at all. Then an entire student organization jumped in without all the facts, and the administration acted the same.

  34. I hope she gets seven figures in a lawsuit and then files individual defamation cases. She was not being islamaphobic. The university threw her under the bus. No surprise there.

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