1. Sure. I mean, this also makes people effectively immortal, barring accidents and violence of course, so I'll be a quadriplegic for a long time. Of course that also means I'll live to see cybernetics.

  2. How good is Nexerelin, I’ve only played vanilla

  3. High relations with pirates is actually good in nexalerin too. Maintaining positive relations actually improves stability when a colony has the pirate activity modified. You'll still get resource shortages when they slap independent traders though.

  4. Low tier shitpost. No, I didn't care enough to make it better because I spent 2 hours on it. Yes, the next one will be of much higher quality, I promise.

  5. Midline tier 3 are amazing. The rotation speed lets them soak above their weight in damage.

  6. I wanna see this with the realistic combat mod enabled!

  7. So, even if you find yourself back in time as your five year old self, even with your adult memories, you still aren't your 35 year old self.

  8. You'll want a tough capital with heavy firepower, fighters, and plenty of PD. Honestly this is the perfect time to break out some of those Legion VX's that can be found floating around the sector.

  9. So is like taking a deal with the Devil: It's very good but the price is STEEP, and if you think about it, it doesn't really do much.

  10. Play as a pirate. As soon as they are friendly toward you they start getting bodied by the AI.

  11. Steve Erwin has an entire country and then some behind him.

  12. I know I have that linear amplifier schematic somewhere...

  13. The Chik-n-minis are great. Everything else is mid at best.

  14. Hmm. Make it a 0/1 starting with two counters, that way red can't kill it with 1 mana instantly without some shenanigans or the old lightning bolt. Maybe make it 3+W. 4 mana seems right on the money for this though.

  15. I've met several blind people who have claimed dating was easy because they can't know if someone's ugly, but it's always been tongue in cheek. Apparently it's a fairly common blind person joke.

  16. We could live fairly harmoniously with our current tech. Hell we could do so 20 years ago.

  17. I feel like the manager was experiencing a manic episode while writing this lol.

  18. That's cuz it's a coin flip. 50% chance of getting a friend for life. 50% chance of getting robbed or assaulted.

  19. Honestly things are dire, and AI is going to screw things up WAY sooner. 10-20 years. Tops.

  20. Alright, we need people replicating this yesterday.

  21. I like how this would be at least somewhat traumatic, but later would become a hilarious core memory.

  22. Alright, alright he's goin fast. Goin fast yeah. ... You are not in control, my brother. YOU ARE NOT- Good job.

  23. Do you like drugs? Do you like hard drugs? Then this game is for you!

  24. Lose your virginity at 17, but have your first relationship at 18?? Are you supposed to hook up before settling with somebody?

  25. Teenagers be horny. It's like a permanent debuff they gotta deal with.

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